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You can just about use laminates in every room of your home on surfaces such as built-in cabinets and walls, to bring your design vision to reality.

Renovation Guide – Design ideas for using laminates in every part of your home

May 20, 2020 3:00:00 PM.

black flat screen tv on brown and grey wooden tv hutch
Featured laminate: Sicilian Peppercorn Ash WY 4247X
Design and photo: Project File

Durable, versatile and easy to clean, laminates are an essential part of home renovations. Besides providing a wonderful array of designs, laminates also require minimal maintenance, a feature greatly appreciated by busy homeowners. Cleaning the material only requires a simple wipe down with water and a gentle cleaning agent. Lamitak laminates even keep germs at bay with an anti-bacterial coating.

You can just about use laminates in every room of your home on surfaces such as built-in cabinets and walls, to bring your design vision to reality. The only exception is the bathroom, where laminates should only be used in dry areas as water will cause the substrate and the material to debond. See the array of Lamitak laminate designs available, and how they have been used in various spaces in your home with this article!


Scroll down to start your design inspiration journey, or go straight to the space you’re interested in by clicking the link:
  1. 1. Living Room

  2. 2. Kitchen

  3. 3. Dining Area

  4. 4. Bedroom

  5. 5. Wardrobe

  6. 6. Bathroom

  7. 7. Home Office



Living Room

brown wooden table near gray couch next to grey dining table 
Featured laminate: Lalo Ramblas DXP 1331C (lighter shade), Urban Slate DXN 5308X (darker shade) 

In the living room, laminates usually clad storage cabinets, consoles and feature walls. These items take up a large proportion of surfaces, and so are often used to set the style direction of the space. Explore living room decor themes with these articles!

Refresh the look of your living area, using laminates! Check out these articles for some stunning real-life makeovers.




blue kitchen cabinets and white countertops near glass door
Featured laminate: Cadet Blue SCX 1147D
Design and photo: Three-D Conceptwerke

The ubiquitous white or light colour palette for kitchens have been replaced with trendy deep blue in recent years which creates a sophisticated vibe for the space. However if you prefer light and bright interiors which show up dirt more clearly, there are many more kitchen looks you can consider, just read the articles below!




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Dining area

brown wooden table with chairs near window with black grills
Featured laminate: Ava Milnerton WYA 5275E
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

As in the living area, the dining zone is another space you can use to make a design statement. Use laminates to create a feature wall that will set the scene for your dining experience, as in the spaces in the article below.




small bedroom with blue and white bed linen and black desk
Featured laminate: artäk Mökki Noir ART 1007D

Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep. Make this private space the best reflection of your personality, and a place you absolutely love with the design ideas in these articles below. 




white ceramic mug on white newspaper in front of wooden chair and light wood cabinets 
Featured laminate: Laminate feature: Pine Oregon Teak WY 4217X
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd 

Design a wardrobe as stylish as the clothes within. Check out the possibilities using laminates with the ideas in this article.




white ceramic sink above light wood cabinets near grey shower area
Featured laminate: Collins Marcello Walnut WY 5240D
Design and photo: Home Guide Interior

Yes, laminates can be used in the bathroom, as long as they are not in areas which are constantly wet such as the shower area. Find out more in this article.




Home Office

silver iMac on white wooden desk in front of brown chair
Featured laminate:  Bella Seville Walnut WY 4224D

Working from home has become the norm for most of us and the need for a proper home office set-up that’s comfortable and looks good has never been more crucial. Achieve the best results with the stylish suggestions in this article.




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