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What do you do when you want birch from northern Europe, stone from Rome, and marble from Italy’s best quarries in your home, without a million-dollar renovation budget? You turn to laminates!

Renovation Guide – All you need to know about laminate designs

May 6, 2020 11:00:00 AM.

luxurious bedroom with beige metal and dark fabric headboard and dark wood floor cabinets
Featured laminates: Mystiq Arwen DXO 4314X (on upper wall), Altan Feltro DXO 5356D (panelling) and Sigmund Knarvick Birch WY 5283S (on the bedside cabinets)

What do you do when you want birch from northern Europe, stone from Rome, and marble from Italy’s best quarries in your home, without a million-dollar renovation budget? You turn to laminates! Today’s advanced printing technology and production methods have created laminates that are doppelgangers to materials such as stone, metal, fabric or wood, with physical textures to match.

However laminates now are not just about replicating designs and patterns, at least not to Lamitak. As part of a design narrative, laminates can enhance a mood, create a scene, or evoke a location. Many Lamitak laminates feature designs that are based visually as well as conceptually on the natural as well as built world, captured on the team’s travels in search of inspiration. We delve into Lamitak’s laminate designs and discover how you can create not just great design, but great stories with them.


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  4. 4. Stone-inspired laminates

  5. 5. Concrete-inspired laminates

  6. 6. Fabric-inspired laminates

  7. 7. Solid colour laminates

  8. 8. Print & Pattern




Featured laminates (L-R): Maya Laurentian Maple WY 5293D, Sbiadito Rovere Rapallo WYA 5295E, Braun Zermatt Esche WYA 5284MT and Sven Knarvick Birch WY 5281D

Almost everyone loves the look of wood in their homes for its qualities of stability, familiarity and cosiness. Pale-coloured woods such as pine or birch are associated with countries with cooler climates such as northern Europe, while here in tropical Southeast Asia, golden teak hues are more ubiquitous. With laminates sporting woodgrains taking up a large portion of Lamitak’s catalogue, you can just about get any wood look and hue you desire.

small apartment scandinavian lounge area with large window seat and white cushioned chair
Featured laminates: Steniar Knarvick Birch WY 5280D (on wall), Giselle Hemavan Ash WG 5254D (bay window) and Freya Laurentian Maple WY 5292D (on cabinet)

Explore wood-inspired laminates from around the world with these articles: 


apartment living room with light wood crate inspired shelving
Featured laminates: Nicolo Rialto Pine WYA 5277E (on cabinets)
Design and photo: Dan’s Workshop

Check out these articles to get creative with wood-look laminates:


display area with large wood laminate panel wall and wood shelving and camel standee
Featured laminates: Pilar Nogal Americano WY 11274D (on wall), Camel SCA 5129D (on panel)  and Litno Alameda Wood WYA 1239X (on shelf)
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

Large format woodgrain patterns promise greater realism; learn how to make a smart choice with the must-know tip in this article:


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Featured laminates (L-R): Mystiq Arwen DXO 4314X, Alma Patina DXN 4331M, Mateo L'Ametlla DXP 1366K

small bathroom with metal laminate wall and large white bathtub and wood stool
Featured laminate: Copper Patina DXN 4326M (on wall)
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

Going for shiny metallics for a luxe vibe, or trendy weathered aesthetics for that rugged industrial look? Lamitak has a wide repertoire of metal-look laminates that’ll play up your decor scheme, but unlike real metal, laminates will never oxidise or rust!

Find out just how amazing metal-look laminates can look in your space with these articles:



Featured laminates (L-R): Lina Florentina Marble DXP 4318G, Fiona Marmol Suprema DXP 1354XM, Tulio Marmo Carnico DXP 1359XM and Nero Marmo Adriano DXP 5343XM

apartment bar area with white marble counter and blue wall
Featured laminates: Karl Hoffmann Elm WY 4256X (on ceiling), Brissago Raphael WYA 5290MT (on shelves) and Bianco Marble Uassiq DXO 4316G (on counter)

Natural marble is beautiful, but it might not be practical for some applications at home due to the high cost of the material or challenges in installation as well as maintenance. With marble-look laminates, you can finally enjoy that ‘marble-clad’ kitchen island of your dreams. The bonus is how easy it is to keep it clean.

Read these articles for ideas on incorporating marble-look laminates in your home:



Featured laminates (L-R): Pietra Alfio DXP 1374XM, Blake Ramshackle DXN 5325X and Goyo Ramblas DXP 1332C

small bedroom with light concrete upper wall and dark brown leather wall panel and skirting
Featured laminate: Fabio Ercolano DXP 1362K (on top wall) and Godiva Luxe DXO 5319B (on bottom wall) 
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

The streets of Barcelona, the ancient architecture of Rome, a historic town in Naples Italy – these are locations behind the evocative designs of the Ramblas, Marmo Flavio, and Ercolano laminate collections from Lamitak respectively. The design of these stone-look laminates express the character of stone as shaped by the forces of nature over time, making them truly timeless.

Learn how to use stone-look laminates in this article:



concrete laminates from lamitak TADAO CONCRETE CLAUDE BeTON and GUSTAVE BeTON
Featured laminates (L-R): Tadao Concrete DXN 5323X, Claude Béton DXP 1369K and Gustave Béton DXP 1371K

small study area with concrete wall and table and metal columns
Featured laminates: Auguste Béton DXP 1370K (on wall), Cassius Steel DXP 5344XM (on table) and Alma Patina DXN 4331M (on columns)

Mention the industrial look and bare concrete surfaces come to mind. The outcome of a concrete surface depends very much on the skill of the person pouring and levelling the surface. Homeowners will not face this problem with concrete-look laminates, which are also easier to care for and won’t crack or discolour over time. The textured surfaces of Lamitak’s concrete-look laminates up the realism of the material.

Read about Lamitak’s concrete-inspired laminates here:



Featured laminates (L-R): Connor Pashley DXO 1343DC, Kenji Kuroki DXO 1351DC and Nero Caraceni DXO 1353D

table with two white photo frames and glass perfume bottle
Featured laminates: Kuro Chidori DXO 1348DC (on wall) and Cocoa Fustian DXO 1340L (on table) Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

We add soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs to our interiors to ‘relax’ the space and create warmth. Similarly, we can utilise fabric-look laminates to achieve this objective with their patterns and subtle textures taking after textiles such as denim, twill, felt and silk.

Discover Lamitak’s fabric-inspired laminates in this article:




lamitak solid colour laminates yellow butter green moss blue pompeii purple mauve
Featured laminates (L-R): Butter SCA 1128D, Moss SCX 1178D, Pompeii SCA 1176D and Mauve SCX 1179D

lamitak new solid colour laminates on wall in alternating yellow and light fabric laminate
Featured laminates: Enfield SCA 1145D and Café Fustian DXO 1339L

Add a splash of colour to your decor with one or a few of Lamitak’s 150 solid colour laminates. The rainbow of hues available feature everything from the brightest reds to the palest pinks, as well as blended shades such as blue-greens. Coloured laminates provide consistently even hues and are an easy way to create decorative effects such as colour blocking on wall or furniture surfaces.

Dive into the decorative possibilities of Lamitak’s solid colour laminates here:



artak laminates miscela cici montessori prisma aikiri mokki blanc
Featured laminates (L-R): artak Miscela Cici ART 1005 XM, Montessori Prisma ART 1001 D, Aikiri ART 1004 D and kki Blanc ART 1008 D

study table with artak miscela mono laminate on table
Featured laminate: Miscela Mono ART 1006 XM (on table)

Lamitak broke new ground with artäk, a capsule collection of prints that reflect a playful and creative spirit. These on-trend graphics, which reference terrazzo and the bold Memphis movement of the 80s among others, provide a fun light-hearted feel to any space.

Find out more about artäk here:



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