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Just when you thought laminate designs couldn’t get any better, Lamitak is upping the game once more with Volume Two of its Portfolio. 

New catalogue, new laminates, new inspiration. Explore the creative possibilities of Lamitak’s latest designs

May 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM.

Just when you thought laminate designs couldn’t get any better, Lamitak is upping the game once more with Volume Two of its Portfolio. Released every two years with new designs joining the 400-strong family of Lamitak laminates, Portfolio isn’t simply another laminate catalogue. Every new addition continues the story of Lamitak’s search for inspiration, encapsulating the experiences of the team on their global journey–to bring you the world through laminates.


The Alpine mountain range in Switzerland, one of the places the team travelled to, graces the front cover of the latest Lamitak Portfolio.

From the rural woodlands of the old city of Bergamo, Italy, to the snowcapped peaks of the Alpine mountains in Switzerland (as seen on the Portfolio cover), these magical locations were all fodder for the Lamitak team’s imagination. The patterns, colours and textures seen in these places of natural wonder might date back millenia, but they spark exciting conversations for new laminate designs. New textural finishes have also been developed, to give the designs even more accuracy and realism. Journey with them on their European adventure in this video below.


Besides looking fabulous, selected laminates now come with a new antimicrobial property. The Silver Nano Technology used is impregnated into the surface layers of the laminate and prevents the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mould, and fungi. This protection will last the lifetime of the material and will help in creating a safer, cleaner and more hygienic home and workplace.

Brissago is a family of four multi-tonal woodgrains with a soft textured finish. Featured laminate: Brissago Kandel WYA 5291MT

Organised into categories of Wood, Patterns and Solids, the new designs of Volume Two capture the design mood of the moment as well as point the way towards future trends in interior design. Capturing the increasing preference for European wood tones, which include lighter hues as well as ash tones, are several new wood collections such as Brissago, Knarvick Birch and Laurentian Maple. A new soft-textured finish is applied to the laminates in selected wood collections to complement their muted colouration.

Pronounced cathedrals and crowns are a prominent feature of the Zermatt Esche family of four laminates, ranging from honey- to charcoal-tones. Featured laminate: Braun Zermatt Esche WYA 5284MT

Laminates have already achieved a high level of realism, but Lamitak takes it up a notch by daring to go even more naturalistic for its woodgrain designs. Collections such as Hoffmann Elm and Zermatt Esche incorporate V-shaped whirls called cathedrals or crowns in their designs, and are best viewed in a large format in order to appreciate the beauty of the woodgrains.

Feltro captures the matted patterning of the fabric in four colours, which bring a soft, yet minimalist utilitarian appeal. Featured laminate: Altan Feltro DXO5356D

In the Patterns category, which include stone-, marble-, metal-, and fabric-inspired laminates, the new innocuously-named collections of Feltro (felt in Italian) and Steel, are not as straightforward as one might think. The history of felt dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but thanks to its utilitarian simplicity the material also has an extremely contemporary appeal. Available in four colours, Feltro has a powdery finish to go with its dusty colour palette.


The character of weathered metal, albeit in a controlled fashion, is brought to fore in the Mateo L’Ametlla family, available in a light and dark tone. Featured laminate: Mateo L’Ametlla DXP1366K

Steel and L’Ametlla, the two new collections of metal-inspired laminates, might be grounded in the same base material, but each captures a different facet of it. The former’s generally even tone mimics the patterning on cloudy steel plates while the latter presents an evolved version of metal as it weathers under the elements. A smooth satiny polish textured finish for Steel, and a textured one for L’Ametlla complete the illusion.


Meeting the demand for even more exotic marble designs to evoke a sense of luxury and exclusivity is the Marmo Adriano family, which comes in four grey colour tones. Featured laminate: Nero Marmo Adriano DXP 5343XM

The more unusual the stone, the more exotic and accordingly, the more expensive it is. With laminates, cost is no longer an issue even for the most dramatically-streaked ‘marble’. So embrace the new Marmo Adriano collection, inspired by the Tempio di Adriano in Rome. The stormy and bold veining of its design gives it immense character and grandeur, perfect for pairing with clean plain surfaces.


Lamitak’s new solid colours reflects global sentiments as well as colour trends. Featured laminates: (from left to right): Moss SCX 1178D, Serenity SCA 1175D, Butter SCA 1128D

Colour trends do not just reflect what’s happening in the worlds of fashion and design, they also echo general global sentiment and outlook. In these times of uncertainty, the soft tones of Lamitak’s new solid colour laminates are soothing and relaxing colours that settle rather than stir. Take for example, the deep forest green of Moss (SCX1178D), and the pastel periwinkle of Serenity (SCA 1175D). Even brighter tones such as Butter (SCA1128D) carries the milky hue of custard instead of bright sunshine.


Find out more about the laminates in Lamitak’s latest catalogue at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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