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The Scandinavian style, characterised by its generous use of wood, light tones, and clean and uncluttered interiors, is a firm favourite of homeowners here.

Level up the Scandinavian look with Lamitak’s new wood-inspired laminates

May 18, 2019 9:35:58 AM.

The Scandinavian style, characterised by its generous use of wood, light tones, and clean and uncluttered interiors, is a firm favourite of homeowners here. We like it for its space-enhancing abilities in compact spaces. Wood-inspired laminates have long been used as a crucial ingredient in creating the Scandi look in homes, but not all wood-inspired laminates are created equal. The Lamitak team studies actual woodgrains and textures in situ to bring you the best representation of the material, and in doing so, have created unique designs which bring your Scandinavian look to a whole new level. See what they can achieve and get some Nordic inspiration from these interiors.
comfortable interior design inspiration city living room lamitak laminate window at side shining and shadows
Featured laminate (on the wall): Steniar Knarvick Birch WY 5280D

Less says more. Create warmth and texture in a room with a ‘wood’ feature wall. Cutting the laminates into strips is a clever way to add visual interest without simply adding more stuff to the space. The new Knarvick Birch laminate family is inspired by the birchwood exterior of the stunning modernist Knarvick Church in Norway. The fine grained wood features subtle but visually interesting tonal variations that have to be appreciated in a large format size.


working study table 45 degree view wood surface with books lamp stationary 
Featured laminate: Maya Laurentian Maple WY 5293D

Every home needs a quiet, contemplative space, and you can’t go wrong with a canvas of light wood and white for this purpose. The Laurentian Mountain range in Quebec is the inspiration behind the Laurentian Maple laminates, a trio of blonde hues that brings the beauty of maple wood, with its smooth grain pattern, to your home. With its light tint of colour, these laminates will enhance the airy feel of an already bright space.


hanging wood texture cupboard on the wall with decoration on top 
Featured laminate: Braun Zermatt Esche WYA 5284MT

The simple trick to making a heavy structure seem light is to ‘float’ it. The linear pattern of the laminate on the long console (pictured above) has the effect of visually stretching the cabinet and with it, the space as well. The Zermatt Esche family of laminates features a lively woodgrain pattern with thin crowns and straight grains, named after the famed ski village in the shadow of the majestic Swiss Alps. The laminate design was motivated by the rugged textures of the log cabins in Zermatt.




Find more laminate designs for your Scandi design theme at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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