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Ever looked up into the inky black sky wondering what lies beyond our blue planet?

Discover the trending colours for 2018, and the laminates you can use to bring these hot hues into your home!

May 10, 2018 10:25:24 AM.

Ever looked up into the inky black sky wondering what lies beyond our blue planet? Man’s curiosity about outer space, the afterlife, and our existence in the world have inspired the colour palette forecast of 2018/ 2019 by the foremost authority on colour, the Pantone Color Institute. The seven colours of this trend, which include blacker blacks, oil-slick purples and infinitely deep indigos, have been inspired by mineral shades shaped by unknown forces, and alien forms and surfaces, they say. The hues suggest an unnatural otherworldly provenance that dovetails with the belief that in the future, living on another planet could be an actual possibility.

Picture1-2Lamitak’s Black Nickel solid colour laminate is a close match to Magnet, one of the colours chosen by the Pantone Color Institute for their 2018/ 2019 colour palette forecast.
Featured laminate: Black Nickel SCA 5107D
Design and photo: Three-d-conceptwerke


The palette of seven Pantone colours chosen to represent this science-fiction-inspired futuristic trend are Silver, a light and neutral grey; Tap Shoe, a deep dark grey; Thyme, a mid-grey with a green undertone; Magnet, a mid-to-dark grey; Majolica Blue, a navy; Purple Sage, a dusky aubergine; and Evening Haze, a dusky lavender.


Picture2-1The Espalier Gloss Lamitak laminate seen above is a sophisticated shade of blue-green that reflects the unpredictable and ambiguous nature of unexplored environments.
Featured laminate: Espalier Gloss SHG 1172
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)


Bring some of this cool futuristic vibe into your home with Lamitak laminates in a similar colour palette. More than 90 colours are available for your selection, which come in either a soft powdery Dri-matt- or high-gloss finish. The colours below are a great match as well as an extension of Pantone’s selection. Besides being the trend to watch, this colour palette is also perfect for creating sophisticated spaces that are full of character and intrigue, thanks to their unique blended hues. Using laminates, as compared to using paint, will ensure a more lasting, smooth finish to your walls, and lower maintenance as well.


Picture3-1Laminates from left: Wintry Grey SCA 1135D, Black Nickel SCA 5107D, Iron SCX 1149D


Picture4-1Laminates from left: Blueberry SCX 1154D, Periwinkle SCX 1161D, Espalier SCX 1172D



All the featured laminates above are from Lamitak. Explore more than 400 laminate designs, including more than 90 different solid colours in dri-matt and glossy finishes at the Lamitak Studio. Visit the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below.

Monday to Thursday: 10.30am–6.30pm
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Sunday and Public Holidays: 12.30pm – 4.30pm

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