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Work or play? We show you how Lamitak laminates added to the fun creative vibe of the Good Stuph office

Apr 17, 2019 12:00:00 PM.

Award-winning social media agency Good Stuph has never been conventional, much like the marketing campaigns it runs for its clients. Likewise, their new office in a heritage building at Eu Tong Sen Street looks nothing like your typical corporate set-up of grey cubicles and narrow walkways. The light-filled space in the heart of Chinatown has been designed by Good Stuph founder Pat Law and Abigael Tay of Oblique Design to reflect their creative energy, with light playful touches and a colour palette reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film.

 Goodstuph 01

The reception counter features marble-inspired laminates, with a rattan panel, and a green felt-like material, all edged in gold-coloured laminate strips for a touch of luxury. Featured laminates: Marmo Classico DXP 1358XM, Brushed Bronze MET8899 (edging), and Espalier SCX 1172D (tall cabinets)


Pat was the one who came up with the main colour palette for the office. She explains, “It’s like a Chinese version of a Wes Anderson film, with its pale pink or ‘millenial pink’ and British racing green. I love this green, it’s the colour of my car.” Thrown into the mix is rattan, because “I’m aging,” she laughs, referring to the perception of rattan as an old-school material.  “Goodstuph is about eight to nine years old and I’ve grown up a bit. It’s a balance of the raw vintage look of before, with this new look.”

 reception detail

The classic combination of marble- and wood-look laminate on the reception counter. Featured laminates: Marmo Classico DXP 1358XM and Ibiza Nogal WY1244D


Using laminates to incorporate the colours she wanted was a natural decision, and she turned to Lamitak for the materials. “I initially wanted all rattan for the reception counter, but I’m fearful of wear and tear. Plus we have a cat. With laminates, we can wipe off any marks.

 “The reception has to impress and it had to juxtapose dark green, rattan, and gold, and pink. Laminates did a great job,” affirms Pat.

 Stadium Seating

Located next to the well-stocked pantry are laminated stadium seats upholstered in British racing green. Featured laminate: Ibiza Nogal WY1244D


The move last July to this new 2,500sq ft space gave Goodstuph more room, literally and metaphorically for Pat, as the company was bursting at the seams with 43 staff in one space. “I felt I needed more headspace. It was getting a bit too cluttered and I can’t work in a cluttered space,” she explains.


Designed to resemble a swimming pool, this ball pit is also one of the company’s meeting areas.

From no meeting rooms previously, the staff now have the luxury of having five, which includes a conference room, two open spaces, townhall area and a ball pit. Pat says, “once a month I’ll throw in a lucky ball for my staff to find.” Fitted with customised tiered seating, the townhall area hosts talks every month. The colour scheme here echoes that of the reception area, with the light wood laminate of the benches, dark green upholstered seats, textured marble-inspired tabletops, and specially-made rattan-backed chairs.


The Indomie monster with a fried egg for an eye could whet the appetites of the staff when they’re in the pantry–for the Indonesian brand of instant noodles. Featured laminates: Ibiza Nogal WY1244D (countertop) and Espalier SCX 1172D (cabinet doors)


The townhall area is adjacent to the spacious office pantry, which is kept simple by using the same colour palette. The exception being the tongue-in-cheek reference to food in the form of the Indomie monster wall murals painted by Indonesian artist Alam Taslim.

More irreverent touches are dotted throughout the office, and also continues the company’s tradition of referencing Chinese Communist art and imagery in their branding. “Our branding used to be all red, but we have since toned down, plus I fell in love with the colour green,” states Pat. Nevertheless, playful features in the office here include cheekily placed Chinese phrases and handpainted fish-eye mirror signs in the meeting areas which also name them. The names are that of the oldest secret society gangs in Singapore, Pat explains.

Chinese phrases

From left: Well-known Chinese phrases are placed around the office to lighten to mood. A meeting room named after an old secret-society gang in Singapore.


“Goodstuph used to be on the top floor of a shophouse opposite, but in a shophouse people tend to work in silos. I’ve always liked wide open plan spaces like this,” says Pat of their new address. But what would make this already ideal space perfect? “A massage area with masseuses and a mini tattoo parlour,” says Pat with a smile.

 Find out more about the Lamitak laminates used in the Good Stuph office at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

Monday to Thursday: 10.30am–6.30pm

Friday: 11.30am–6.30pm

Saturday: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: 12.30pm – 4.30pm


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