Discover the trending colours for 2018, and the laminates you can use to bring these hot hues into your home!

Posted by Lamitak on May 10, 2018 10:25:24 AM

Ever looked up into the inky black sky wondering what lies beyond our blue planet? Man’s curiosity about outer space, the afterlife, and our existence in the world have inspired the colour palette forecast of 2018/ 2019 by the foremost authority on colour, the Pantone Color Institute. The seven colours of this trend, which include blacker blacks, oil-slick purples and infinitely deep indigos, have been inspired by mineral shades shaped by unknown forces, and alien forms and surfaces, they say. The hues suggest an unnatural otherworldly provenance that dovetails with the belief that in the future, living on another planet could be an actual possibility.

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If you love the look of these projects, find out how the designer used Lamitak laminates to get the look!

Posted by Lamitak on May 3, 2018 10:13:21 AM

Three-d conceptwerke is an interior design firm known for their innovative out-of-the-box design approach to interiors. Always striving to be one step ahead of the pack, they have used laminates extensively in their projects to help achieve progressive looks for their clients. We showcase their latest projects using Lamitak laminates and quizzed a member of their design team on their modus operandi when it comes to the use of laminates.

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Cut up your laminate sheets and create these 5 stylish wood-inspired looks!

Posted by Lamitak on Apr 26, 2018 10:50:12 AM

A sheet of laminate which typically measures 4ft by 8ft (120cm by 240cm) is great for creating a striking design feature on a wall in your home. You’ll be able to fully appreciate the beauty, of say, a large-format wood-inspired design that runs across the full laminate sheet if it is used in its entirety. However there is more than one way to apply laminates! As they come in thin sheets of just 0.7mm to 1mm-thick, they can be easily cut into different shapes and applied in the same way as the full sheet. Doing this opens up many more exciting decorative possibilities for laminates! For a start, consider these five eye-catching ways to use wood-inspired laminates.

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Choosing a wood-design laminate for your home? Here’s our number one tip for making sure what you see is what you get!

Posted by Lamitak on Apr 19, 2018 12:25:35 PM

You had decided to go with a wood-look laminate for your large feature wall to bring warm cosy vibes to your living room – and so you looked through some laminate catalogues and chose the design you want. When it was finally installed, you got the shock of your life – it was nothing like what you imagined. What you thought was a subtle woodgrain pattern turned out to be more dramatic. This situation is probably more common than you think, and usually it has nothing to do with the quality of the laminate itself. Rather, it is the selection process that needs to be relooked.

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Dreaming of European oak or Japanese beech surfaces for your home? Check out these wood-inspired laminates!

Posted by Lamitak on Apr 13, 2018 8:00:00 AM

From the serene beech forests of Aomori Japan to the majestic trees of the Nevada area in the States, many diverse locations around the world have inspired the close to 200 laminate designs in Lamitak’s Woods collection. With laminates, homeowners are no longer hampered by the cost and (in)accessibility of using their favourite wood grains from abroad to achieve their dream home. Sit tight as we explore six wood-inspired laminate families which each transport the look, feel, and texture of an unforgettable location into your home.

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Warm wood-inspired laminate designs – see how this evergreen tone is a new contemporary favourite

Posted by Lamitak on Apr 6, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Pale, light European wood has been hogging the spotlight, thanks to the popularity of the Scandinavian look for homes. Darker woods, on the other hand, are for those who prefer a more mature, masculine appeal. Wood-grains which have the golden colouration of honey, on the other hand, are evergreen. They connote the nostalgia of vintage teak furniture and the rusticity of farmhouse furniture and are popular particularly in kitchens for their comforting familiarity. We present a snapshot of the toasty woodgrain designs available from Lamitak’s catalogue of almost 200 wood-look laminates – you’ll be surprised at how this classic can look so contemporary as well!

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