Warm, Cool or Neutral? Three colour schemes to try out in your home!

Posted by Lamitak on Oct 21, 2017 10:46:22 AM

Choosing colours for your home isn’t rocket science, although it might seem intimidating. There are literally hundreds of colours you can choose from for your space, but once you know the basics of colour theory, deciding on a colour scheme is easy-peasy!

DayDream 03-edited.jpg

Photo and design: Third Avenue Studio
Featured laminate on kitchen cabinets: Caden Tobias Steel DXN 4330M
This showroom by Third Avenue Studio features two possible colour schemes for your consideration.
The monochrome kitchen on the left is neutral, while the dining space on the right is warm, thanks to its reddish brick walls



The Colour Wheel

Generally, colours can be broken up into two major groupings – warm and cool hues. See this clearly in the colour wheel above, which neatly places the warm colours on one half of the wheel (red, orange and yellow), and the cool tones (green, blue and purple) on the opposite half. Neutrals such as beige and shades of brown don’t fall in either group; and black and white are also excluded, although white can be said to be cool, and black, warm.


Design and photo: D’Planner
Featured laminate on wall: Corona Maple WYA 5262E

When it comes to the colour palette for your home, think in terms of these broad classifications. As a general rule of thumb, warm colours are better for communal spaces such as living and dining rooms (red is said to whet appetites!). The living room pictured above uses soft orange curtains, a bright red pouffe and a red lampshade to enhance the cosiness of the space.


Design and photo: Elpis Interior Design
Featured laminate on table and shelves: Blueberry SCX 1154D & High Gloss Chalk SHG 1144

On the other hand, cool hues are reserved for private zones such as the bedroom, to present a scene of relaxation and calm. The study above by Elpis Interior Design is awash in different shades of blue, perhaps acting as a stress-relieving device during exam periods or frenetic gaming battles.


Design and photo: Starry Homestead
Featured laminate on headboard: Tobi Milnerton WYA 5276E

The dark blue wall of this bedroom by Starry Homestead evokes the colour of the night sky to conjure a soothing atmosphere. Similarly, the laminate used on the headboard sports tones of grey and blue to complement the wall colour.

Can’t decide if you should go warm or cool? You have one option left – use neutrals for your canvas! The beauty of a non-committal neutral colour scheme is that you can add on as much colour as you want (and likewise, take away or replace the colour as needed). A good example of a neutral colour scheme can be seen in the living room below by Fuse Concept, which was created with browns and beiges. A combination of white and black (as seen in the first picture) is another classic neutral colour scheme that’ll go with almost any colour you decide to throw in.

ERMANNO MARCELLO WALNUT (WY 5218D) on sliding door and TANNIN Walnut (WGA 1233S) on mirror frame-low.jpg

Design and photo: Fuse Concept
Featured laminate on sliding door: Ermanno Marcello Walnut WY 5218D

Laminates can help you create all three looks for your space – warm, cool or neutral. See all the featured laminates at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729, or contact them at 6592-5200 and studio@lamitak.com. The opening hours are stated below

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