This is Lamitak's most gritty industrial design yet. Find out more about the edgy Humboldt Street laminate

Posted by Lamitak on Oct 15, 2018 5:04:21 PM

Honest, authentic and raw. These were the qualities of a building cladding that captured our imagination as we travelled through downtown Portland in Oregon on our epic road trip. We loved the textures so much that it became the basis of a new laminate which bears the name of the location – Humboldt Street!


4 Option1 EditInspired by a building cladding seen in downtown Portland Oregon, the raw and gritty Humboldt Street laminate is packed with character.


Humboldt Street could be Lamitak’s most experimental design to date. Pushing the envelope of laminate design, this dramatic large format pattern recreates the uneven weathered surfaces, rust, scratches and marks of the original metal cladding in all its imperfect glory.


RT2  (55 of 59)The scarred weathered surfaces seen in downtown Portland were fodder for the Lamitak team’s imagination.


CG11 Option01 EditBring the grittiness of the street into your bedroom, by balancing out the ‘imperfect’ design of the laminate with simple furnishings in clean profiles.


Humboldt Street comes in a larger than usual laminate sheet size of four feet by ten feet (120cm by 300cm), and can be used repeatedly either horizontally or vertically. The trick to using this statement-making laminate is to balance its strong patterns with neutral colours and simple profiles in the furniture and furnishings. Don’t complicate your space by adding more colour and design and send the look into visual overdrive. The right balance will ensure that there’s a space for the industrial stylings of Humboldt Street in every room in your home, even in the bedroom!


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