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Nature evolves and so does Lamitak, in its ability to continually surprise the industry with laminate designs that are fresh and original. We look at some standout patterns from the latest Portfolio.


These are the new Lamitak laminate patterns you need to know about to create your dream home

Jul 3, 2019 2:56:00 PM.

Every two years Lamitak renews their laminate catalogue and gives homeowners and interior designers a brand new well of inspiration to create dream homes with. Each Portfolio represents a culmination of months on the road, travelling and collecting patterns, designs and colours from both the natural and manmade environment. Nature evolves and so does Lamitak, in its ability to continually surprise the industry with laminate designs that are fresh and original. We look at some standout patterns from the latest Portfolio.

lamitak dark wood laminate santino lametlla headboard cozy bedroom
Featured laminate (side wall panels behind bed): Santino L’Ametlla DXP 1368K

The weathered metal surfaces seen in the picturesque L’Ametlla De Mar municipality in Catalonia inspired the laminate series of the same name. Consisting of two sophisticated shades of grey, L’Ametlla might mimic weathered metal with a textured finish to match, but it also projects a contemporary urbanity. L’Ametlla is perfect for moody mancaves and bachelor pads.

lamitak mateo LAmetlla santino lametlla dark grey fabric laminate
From left: Mateo L’Ametlla DXP 1366K and Santino L’Ametlla DXP 1368K

lamitak luxury fabric felt laminate dark grey altan feltro wood sigmund knarvick birch bedroom
Featured laminates: Altan Feltro DXO 5356D (on bedhead) and Sigmund Knarvick Birch WY 5283S (bedside drawers)

The humble felt material has a history which dates back to the third millennium BC, and was once used by the Greeks and Romans to pack clothes. Now, this matted material conjures up images of Nordic warmth and calm, being a favourite material of Scandinavian designers for anything from lamps to partitions to furniture. Lamitak’s Feltro family of laminates features four neutral colourways to convey that look of modern utilitarianism, complemented by a powdery matte finish.

lamitak laminate felt feltro camden altan erden hayden
Anti-clockwise from top left: Camden Feltro DXO 5355D, Altan Feltro DXO 5356D, Erden Feltro DXO 5354D, and Hayden Feltro DXO 5353D

lamitak industrial light concrete laminate auguste beton
Featured laminate (On wall): Auguste Béton DXP 1370K

There’s nothing new about concrete-look laminates, but in a departure from the raw and rugged designs that ruled industrial-style homes a season ago, this new incarnation of concrete-inspired laminates by Lamitak bears a more refined and polished look. The laminates of the Béton (French for concrete) family are named after the Perret brothers – Auguste Perret in particular, was an architect who pioneered the use of reinforced concrete in many of his iconic buildings, such as the Church of Notre-Dame du Raincy and the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.

lamitak concrete laminate Beton gustave auguste claude
From left to right: Gustave Béton DXP 1371K, Auguste Béton DXP 1370K, and Claude Béton DXP 1369K

lamitak steel laminate
Featured laminate (on cabinet): Cyprian Steel DXP 5346XM

Steel can be sexy, as seen in Lamitak’s new Steel trio of laminates. Mimicking cloudy steel plates with a smooth satiny polish and a matte finish, instead of the cold clinical image of steel most of us have, Steel has plenty of versatility. Use the burnished gold of Cato Steel for a touch of luxe, and the light and dark hues of Cassius and Cyprian Steel respectively to create subtle texture and depth on surfaces.

laminate lamitak steel
From left to right: Cato Steel DXP 5345XM, Cyprian Steel DXP 5346XM, and Cassius Steel DXP 5344XM

Explore more laminates from Lamitak’s new catalogue at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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