The Next Big Thing in laminates is here! Lamitak's new bookmatched marble laminates will revolutionise home design

Posted by Lamitak on Aug 31, 2018 2:32:17 PM

Bookmatched marble, once exclusive to luxury hotels and swanky abodes for its prohibitive price, has now been democratised. Lamitak has just launched two laminate designs inspired by bookmatched marble, and it looks set to revolutionise home design!


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The headboard is optional when you’ve got the rich veining of the Lunigiana laminates on your feature wall behind the bed. 


What exactly is bookmatched marble? Imagine a block of marble as a book, and each slice of the slab as pages in a book. Bookmatched marble is named for its resemblance to an open book, with designs that are mirror images of each other. It is often used to create a grand dramatic statement in a space; naturally the more obvious the marble veining, the louder the statement!

Lamitak’s two new bookmatched marble designs, Lunigiana and Montignoso, are created with special digital printing techniques which reproduce the large format designs with stunning realism. Unlike regular laminates, which are printed with the gravure method to achieve repeated patterns, the designs of Lunigiana and Montignoso are not repeated. Instead, they each present the unique veining seen on one full slab of marble.


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The bookmatched Montignoso laminate has an ethereal watercolour quality that brings softness to the hard edges of this room. 


Inspiration for these groundbreaking laminate designs came from a country synonymous with marble – Italy. One light, and the other dark, each design carries a unique character that brings the stunning geography of that lcoation into your home. Lunigiana, at the northernmost point of Tuscany, is a rural mountainous region that is also home to the famed Appenine Mountains. Montignoso, also located in Tuscany, is similarly known for its rich traditions and historical buildings.


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Two sets of bookmatched Lunigiana laminate are laid horizontally in the dry area of this bathroom. They bring an expensive and luxurious feel to the space – without using real marble.


Bookmatched marble consists of two slabs of marble with designs that are mirror images of each other, and it’s no different with the Lunigiana and Montignoso laminates. Each design consists of a set of two mirror images. But don’t be confined to just one way of using the laminates. Explore different ways of arranging them, such as horizontally, or combine two sets of laminates (pictured above). You can experiment with creating different looks at the Lamitak Studio, by playing with the scaled-down versions of the full-size laminate sheets. So go on, revolutionise your home design!


Find out more about the new laminate designs inspired by the breathtaking beauty of bookmatched marble at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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