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The industrial look has turned a corner, and no longer are full-blown rusted, decaying surfaces in trend.

The industrial look has evolved. Embrace its new refinement with Lamitak’s latest laminates.

Jun 12, 2019 2:57:00 PM.

The industrial look has turned a corner, and no longer are full-blown rusted, decaying surfaces in trend. What homeowners are embracing is that delicate balance of imperfection and polish, a suggestion of an industrial personality instead of grungy warehouse living. Get this new industrial style with Lamitak laminates.

industrial design living room brown leather sofa grey laminate wall

Featured laminate (on wall) Mateo L’Ametlla DXP 1366K

The controlled weathered metal patterns of Mateo L’Ametlla is just right for that contemporary urban living space you imagine. Cut into rectangular panels and ‘riveted’ to the walls in this space, the laminate design creates an edgy canvas which is then tempered with furniture in clean modernist lines.

industrial design grey concrete laminate wall desk


Featured laminate (On wall): Auguste Béton DXP 1370K

Even the best workmen can’t achieve the even tones of this perfectly plastered concrete wall, so try Lamitak’s new concrete-inspired Auguste Béton laminate instead. Beton, which means concrete in French, was inspired by French architect Auguste Perret, who pioneered the use of reinforced concrete for his buildings such as the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.

industrial design grey steel laminate wall cabinet side table

Featured laminate (on cabinet): Cyprian Steel DXP 5346XM

If you think of steel as a cold and hard material devoid of personality, think again. The new Steel family of laminates have a smooth and satiny finish that mimic cloudy steel plates, perfect for creating moody sophisticated looks. The cabinet in the picture above features Cyprian Steel, the darkest shade in the family.


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