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We’ve in love with this luxurious apartment, and the laminates used to create the look. Find out more!

In love with interiors that look like luxurious hotel rooms? You can achieve this look easily using laminates. Find out which Lamitak laminate was used to create the swish look of this apartment!

Apr 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM.


Lamitak offers more than 400 laminate designs to choose from. But sometimes it only takes one to create impressive interiors. Interior design firm Wee Studio turned this 1,465 sqft four-bedroom apartment at The Interlace into a contemporary, yet luxurious abode which exudes swish hotel-like aesthetics.

This was achieved with the predominant use of just one wood-look laminate from Lamitak – Belva Oak Giovanni (WYA 5274E), which sports a rich deep shade of brown with even wood grains and a textured finish. Wee Studio is helmed by the husband-and-wife team of Yeo See Wee and JJ Yip.

The hallways within the apartment show off timber strips of different thickness clad with Belva Oak Giovanni laminate.

“The brief from the client was to make his home look luxurious, like a hotel,” says See Wee. Apart from requests such as a dressing table and TV for the master bedroom, a platform bed and study table for the daughter, and twin beds for visiting in-laws, the clients had left the design entirely up to the firm.

A platform was specially created in the daughter’s bedroom and clad with Belva Oak Giovanni laminate which also features on the walls and false ceiling.

Of the design concept, See Wee explains, “We kept the use of colours to a minimum, and specified the use of one wood-look laminate throughout the home, but in different ways.” The Lamitak laminate they chose was Belva Oak Giovanni. In the living room, this laminate clads timber strips of different thickness to present a multi-dimensional surface to act as feature walls. However, in the bedrooms, the laminate-clad walls (and false ceiling of the daughter’s room) are flat, save for etched lines which add some detail to the evenly-patterned laminate design.

The daughter’s room sports etched lines on the laminated surfaces of the walls and false ceiling. 

“We like to keep our designs simple and clean, with minimal clutter. Our design goes straight to the point,” says See Wee. The six-year-old design studio’s penchant for linear, clean-cut designs and high-contrast colour palettes has also won them several awards. The latest being the Lookbox Design Award 2017 for Outstanding HDB for Wee Residence, the couple’s very own home!

The use of Lamitak’s Belva Oak Giovanni laminate continues from the headboard of the beds down to the shared bedside table, in the guest bedroom.

“We like to use laminates in our work as they are easy for users to maintain and replaceable as well,” says See Wee. As they are manufactured, there’s also more predictability in terms of the grain than natural wood or wood veneers. This is good for homeowners who like more even grains, he explains. He has this advice for homeowners when choosing wood-look laminates. “When wood and wood meet, such as wall materials and flooring, you can either match them or go high contrast.” No prizes for guessing which option Wee Interiors will go for!

The same deep dark textured laminate used in the other areas of the home makes an appearance in the bathroom as well, on the cabinets.

Explore more wood-look laminates, and moodboards for ideas on how you can use them, at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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