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Available in a wide variety of designs, laminates are great materials to use to create any of the themes we’ve outlined below. So choose one (or two) of the design themes and read how Lamitak laminates can contribute to fulfilling that vision. We’ve already done the homework for you!

Renovation Guide: Get started on your reno by choosing one of these popular design themes

May 29, 2020 5:00:00 PM.

white and black wooden wall mounted shelf next to marble wall
Featured laminates: Schwarz Zermatt Esche WYA 5287MT (background wall and drawers), Bianco Marmo Adriano DXP 1372XM (foreground wall), Brushed Alumina MTA 9310XL (frame of the drawers)



You will be collecting the keys to your new home really soon but you need help! You either have too many ideas swimming around in your head for its decor, or no idea at all where to start given a blank canvas. Deciding on a design theme will help you paint the look you desire in broad strokes, making it easier to narrow down colour schemes and material selections. Then if you like, you can think outside the box and create hybrids of your favourites styles such as Japandi, the amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Available in a wide variety of designs, laminates are great materials to use to create any of the themes we’ve outlined below. So choose one (or two) of the design themes and read how Lamitak laminates can contribute to fulfilling that vision. We’ve already done the homework for you!

Scroll down to start exploring design themes, or go straight to the theme you’re interested in by clicking the link:

  1. 1. Modern Luxury

  2. 2. Scandinavian

  3. 3. Industrial

  4. 4. Retro

  5. 5. Modern Farmhouse

  6. 6. Simple and contemporary

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Modern Luxury

light wood bed with grey bed linen and marble headboard next to light wood bay window
Featured laminate: Lunigiana Uno ART 1009XM and Lunigiana Due ART 1010XM

Combining the look and ambience of expensive luxury with clean streamlined forms and unfussy decorations, the modern luxury style is extremely popular with local homeowners. Get this classy look without the hefty price tag with laminates inspired by exotic marble and wood varieties that are easy to install and maintain too! Bring modern luxury into your home with the ideas in these articles. 



Explore the Lamitak laminates you can use to create modern luxury:




light brown wicker stool and white and wood chair beside green potted plant in front of beige cabinets and wooden slatted wall
Featured laminate (on the wall): Steniar Knarvick Birch WY 5280D

The Scandinavian style is a perennial favourite among homeowners for its simplicity which prioritises function above needless decorations. Hygge, a Danish word describing a sense of wellness, is created in Scandinavian homes through the use of lots of natural materials such as wood in lighter tones (due to the Northern Europe climate), and by layering textures for comfort and cosiness. To create this look, seek out Lamitak’s range of wood-look laminates in light bleached hues, and soft solid colours such as pastels. Get inspiration from the articles below.






brown wooden table and bronze standing lamp near brown couch in front of concrete wall
Featured laminate (on wall): Mateo L’Ametlla DXP 1366K 

The industrial look has evolved through the years, from gritty raw surfaces and bare brutalist interiors to the current hybrid that includes some polish and shine in the chosen furnishings to create interesting contrasts, but the key elements remain the same. Concrete will always be a starring character in an industrial design scheme, the other usual suspects being oxidised or rusted metal surfaces. Get all of these looks with concrete- and metal-look laminates from Lamitak, featured in the following articles.



These real-life makeovers take the edge off a hardcore industrial look for more family-friendly appeal.




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white and brown wooden chair beside purple and yellow drawers
Featured laminates: Sven Knarvick Birch WY 5218D (on cupboard), Medallion SCX 1177D, and Mauve SCX 1179D


When we think of retro style, colours invariably come to mind. Each decade seems to be defined by its own palette of colours – in the 50s, it was dull mustards, greens and browns (think TV series Mad Men), which morphed into the bright optimistic yellow and oranges of the 60s and 70s, and then into the happy bubblegum pink and turquoise of the 80s. Lamitak has 150 solid colours laminates to choose from, so go ahead and pick the colours which best define your idea of retrolicious. Otherwise, get some inspiration from these articles!



Modern Farmhouse

kitchen with white grey wooden cabinets and two wood stools 
Featured laminate: Dove SCA 1137D (on cabinets)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

We might have moved on from the traditional rustic cottage style popular in the 80s, but we can still spot its influence in the form of some charming details. The modern farmhouse look appears contemporary with white or light colour schemes and clean profiles, but is expressed through features such as mouldings applied as a border to cabinet doors (as pictured above) or to replicate the look of a barn door with a ‘Z’-shaped brace. Brass or porcelain handles and knobs add a finishing touch to the interiors. The articles below show how some elements of this look have been incorporated into modern interiors.





Simple and Contemporary

gray sectional couch beside brown wooden table in living room with large white cupboards
Featured laminates: Chalk PCA 1144S (on the tall cabinets), Caviar PCA 5107S (on the TV console) 

If you rather not commit to any specific decor theme, this one is a crowd pleaser for its neutrality. Keep to the tried-and-tested combination of wood tones and white for a basic and contemporary look that will not date any time soon. Keep to simple well-made furnishings, and add colours in the form of accessories which you can subtract later on if your tastes change. Check out how to create a neutral and versatile canvas for your home with the following articles.




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