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Stories by lamitak

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5 Open-Concept Kitchen Ideas That Will Look Great in Your HDB Flat!

Mar 15, 2018 3:55:41 PM.

You might have heard would-be HDB flat homeowners whooping for joy when news broke earlier this year that all kitchens in new HDB flats would be open-concept. The Housing Board will no longer be building walls that divide the kitchen from the rest of the home. This gives homeowners more flexibility and creativity in planning and using their space, plus the bonus of having common areas that look and feel larger. But being open means cookspaces face the pressure now to look good, as they’re put on show for all to see.

Feeling excited about what you can do without kitchen walls? Take a look at our five fabulous open-concept kitchen ideas! They also present inspiration on how to use laminates in your kitchen to make a great style statement.


Idea 1: Build your Dream Kitchen Island 


Featured laminate on cabinets: Blake Ramshackle DXN 5325X
Design and photo: Artistroom

The kitchen island is a dream of many homeowners for its suggestion of space and convenience, as well as aesthetic impact. Let your ‘kitchen’ spill over into your dining space, with the island anchoring it. Interior design firm Artistroom designed an island which functions as dining table, prep counter and also provides storage within. Simply scale down the size of the island if you’ve got a smaller space.


Idea 2: Partition for Style and Function


Laminate on wall: Runa Nevada Elm WY 1282D
Laminate on island and partition: Nicolo Rialto Pine WYA 5277E
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Kitchen space too open for your liking? Instead of putting that wall back up, consider building a partition that can demarcate your kitchen, but yet not close it off completely. One made from timber strips (as seen above) still allow light to flow through and provide a line of sight, while blocking off that perpetually messy corner of your kitchen!


Idea 3: Create an Overall Theme

Amber York and Corona Maple

Featured laminates: Collins Marcello Walnut  WY 5240D (on kitchen cabinets) and
Corona Maple WYA 5262E (on breakfast counter).
Design and photo: Meter Square

The black-framed open doorway which stands in place of the kitchen partition wall allows a peek into the cooking space, and adds an industrial edge to this space’s rustic theme. Interior design firm Meter Square designed the breakfast counter to tie-in with the kitchen’s wood-look cabinets, but gave it even more texture with a laminate that resembles raw plywood planks.


Idea 4: Fall in  Linear Order

LoresPonggolDr 01edited.jpg

Featured laminate: Bornia Alameda Wood WYA 1241X (on cabinet)
Design and photo: Third Ave Studio

Don’t think of the kitchen as a separate area, but design it as part of a bigger space. In this apartment by Third Ave Studio, the dining table continues on from the line of the kitchen countertop and cabinets for a sense of linearity. The apartment’s flooring is also kept the same throughout the spaces to make it look more spacious.


Idea 5: Show off Your Kitchen

Amber York Treat

Featured laminates: Collins Marcello Walnut  WY 5240D (on cabinets and bench seat)
Design and photo:Meter Square  

The kitchen is no longer a space to hide away, but something to show off! Appliances too, such as that trendy coffeemaker, are meant to be seen. So apply some of those living room aesthetics to your kitchen as well, such as including open display areas, just as in this contemporary kitchen by Meter Square. In this home, even the fridge is in full view of the dining table.


Explore hundreds of laminate designs, with friendly advice on how to use them for your kitchen, at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below


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