Must have elements for that perfect Scandinavian style home

Posted by Lamitak on Oct 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Scandinavian style is a perennial favourite among Singapore homeowners, and besides the allure of a clean and uncluttered space filled with warmth and nature, the Scandi decor theme has the bonus of making a small space look larger as well.


Laminate on wall: Bella Seville Walnut WY 4224D
Laminate on shelves: Rice Silk DXP 1318X 
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

What makes a home look Scandinavian? Consider that Northern Europe doesn’t get much sunlight most of the year with short summers and long winters, Scandi homes are all about maximising the light indoors.


Laminate on wall: Stoffa Crema DXO 5337D
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Light-coloured interiors are a key element of this look so the space looks bright. In Singapore, as light levels are much more intense than in Northern Europe, try different tints of white instead of stark white to avoid that ‘blinding’ effect. Laminates can also add subtle pattern to your wall, such as the cool linen-look of Stoffa Crema (pictured above). Other light-coloured fabric-look laminates you can consider are Bianco Caraceni (pictured below), which resembles a twill weave, and Gillian Faux Denim. When colours are used, they are usually neutral or pastel hues.


Laminate on left wall: Rima Ramshackle DXN 5335X
Laminate on right wall: Bianco Caraceni DXO 1337D
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Wood features prominently in Scandinavian homes – see it used for flooring, furniture, and even toys. However, the wood that grows in the cold climates of those areas, such as pine, ash and beech, are lighter in colour, and work also to give the homes a bright, clean feel. Akemi Ash (pictured below) is a range of wood-look laminates in nude-hues which feature subtle wood grains. You can explore the Maple Wood range (pictured below) for a similar, but more even look.


Laminate on wall: Pearl Akemi Ash WY 4232X
Laminate on table: Ivory Maple Wood Gloss CCX 47201G
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

You’ll never see a Scandinavian home which has fussy decor or excessive ornamentation. Simple furnishings which stem from the basic design principle of form following function enhances the signature clean and uncluttered style of the Scandi home. One good example is the no-frills design of the kitchen island and shelf pictured below.


Laminate on wall: Nude Core Leather CC 47101B
Laminate on countertop: Marmo Classico Gloss DXP 1358G
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Remember to add a dose of warmth with touchable textures from home accessories such as a sheepskin rug (a bestseller at Ikea!) or a furry cushion. You’ll also always find some greenery (when the season permits) in Scandinavian homes to pep up the space.

H&D ADVERTORIAL 23021678103-edited.jpg

Laminate on wall: Phillipe Teak Oslo WY 5233D
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor Ó 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

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