Lamitak X Architect Thailand '18

Posted by Lamitak on May 1, 2018 4:22:13 PM

Architect’18 is organized annually to bring together the best of building materials and technology for Architects, Developers, Designers and Owners.

Architect’18 is held at the IMPACT Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand from 1 to 6 May.  With over 800 exhibits, an estimated 400,000 visitors will experience the latest in technology, materials and designs. 

thai exhibit


Inspired by art galleries, this year’s booth design seeks to create a seamless convergence of aesthetics, product display and advancement of technology.  

Visitors to our booth will be awed by our new Lamitak brand – artäk.  Feel the unique designs and finishes from Dekodur Distil and Alvic and explore the multi-functionality of FitArt and AluBlu.


book match thai exhibit 1


The interactive visualizer is new to our booth this year. With selected designs from Lamitak and artäk; this full-size projection display allows users to experience their design selection coming to life in-front of their eyes with realistic renders based on their choice settings.


3d projection thai exhibit


3d projection


The highlight of the exhibition will have to be the soft launch of our new brand- artäk.

Four families, eight laminates – innumerable creative possibilities. The launch designs of artäk are Miscela, Kiri, Montessori and Mökki, four vibrant patterns each with a playful, distinctive personality. These designs are also the first laminates from Lamitak to use the most advanced digital printing technology available today. This pioneering printing technique produces more precise and brighter colours as compared to traditional gravure printing methods.


artak thai exhibit


artak thai exhbiti 2


artak thai exhibit 3

The Lamitak exhibition is located at :
Booth: F503, Row: Q29

Impact Exhibition & Convention Center
Challenger Hall 1-3
99 Popular Road, T.Banmai
A.Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand

For more information on our new collection, you may visit our website at to explore the full range of design. For further enquiries, please email us at