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From the organic uneven textures of oak grains and granite, to the cool smoothness of marble, and the luxurious touch of leather, each finish is matched to its design.

Lamitak laminates feel amazingly realistic thanks to these finishes. Find out more here!

Jun 5, 2020 8:00:00 PM.

lamitak studio wood door tiles
Each of Lamitak’s 400 over laminate designs have been paired with a finish that brings out the best qualities of its design. 

Lamitak has over 400 laminate designs to choose from, that includes patterns inspired by woodgrains, marble, stone, metal, fabric and leather, but did you know our laminates come in over 15 finishes as well? These finishes are fused with laminate designs to help them achieve even greater heights of realism, to get as close as possible to the look and feel of the natural materials which inspired them. From the organic uneven textures of oak grains and granite, to the cool smoothness of marble, and the luxurious touch of leather, each finish is matched to its design.

Most of us are familiar with the terms matte and glossy for surface finishes, but Lamitak makes finer distinctions within the matte spectrum with finishes such as Matt, Supermatt, Suede, and Dri-matt®, our proprietary finish. The various finishes are denoted with an alphabet at the end of each numerical laminate code for easy identification. In this article, you’ll learn more about Lamitak’s finishes and tips on how to use them. So the next time you select laminate designs, don’t just look at their aesthetics but run your fingers over them, to get the full decorative and textural impact they can bring to your space! 



Matte Finishes

dark contemporary steel desk with black marble wall
Both laminates in this study, the Bryson Tobias Steel (DXN 4329M) of the tabletop, and the Tulio Marmo Carnico (DXP 1359XM) of the wall, feature the Matt finish, the second smoothest finish after Supermatt.
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

To Lamitak, it isn’t enough to just have one smooth matte finish for various designs. Supermatt (XM) is the smoothest finish, followed by Matt (M), Suede (S) and Dri-matt® (D, DC), our trademarked material which is slightly grainy to the touch and reflects the least amount of light. Supermatt, as the name suggests, is extremely smooth to the touch. Used with luxurious exotic marble-look designs such as Marmo Adriano, Pietra and Lunigiana, this finish provides that cool smooth allure of honed marble surfaces.

blue sofa in front of brown metal look panels and grey granite wall
The Alma Patina (DXN 4331M) panels with a Matt finish, and the Tito Ercolano (DXP 1361K) stone-look wall with a Textured finish show both a contrast of design as well as surface texture.
(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

The difference between the various matte finishes are very subtle and might not be visibly noticeable, so we recommend that homeowners request for laminate samples to feel the surfaces for themselves. Suede (S) is a finish that is applied on Lamitak’s Staple Solids such as shades of white, creams and greys, as well as some wood-look laminates with more even, muted grains such as Legno Oak and Elm Wood.


large white cabinets with light brown wood framing
The Picket White (CES 9500S) laminate of these cabinet doors is a Staple Solid which features the matte Suede finish. The Crème Akemi Ash (WY 4231X) laminate frames the doors.
Design and photo: Authors Interior

small kitchen counter with black cabinets and white table top
The Basic Black (CES 1108S) laminate of the cabinetry has a matte finish but with the Suede finish, it features a slight sheen so the dark colour doesn’t seem dull.
Design and photo: Authors Interior

Lamitak’s trademarked finish Dri-matt® is applied to the majority of Lamitak laminates and is the least reflective and most ‘matte’ of the matte family of laminates. We can see this non-reflective and non-glare quality across a large range of wood-look- and solid colour laminates, as well as for fabric-look designs such as Stoffa, Pashley and Feltro.


white pillow on bed next to small taupe table and wooden panel headboard
The Dri-matt® finish can be seen in the Cavalli Viola Noce (WY 5214D) of the headboard and Taupe (SCX 1150D) of the side table.
Design and photo: Authors Interior



Textured Finishes

The second largest grouping of finishes is that of Textured laminates. If you run your fingers over them, you will feel obvious embossed patterns which serve to accentuate the realism of the design, such as Straw (E), which feels like flatterned straw. This finish goes perfectly with the distinctive oak-inspired woodgrains of Oak Giovanni, Oak Granada, and Oak Giethoorn, as well as the rugged designs of Corona Maple and Milnerton.

Similarly, stone-look laminates, such as the granite-inspired Ramblas and Ercolano sport finishes complementary to their design. Rough and slightly uneven, these finishes feel just like a stone in your hand would. The finish also incorporates subtle spots of shine.

large stone wall
The Luca Marmo Flavio (DXP 1334K) laminate of this wall features the Granite (K) finish, which feels just like natural stone.

wood textured table
The Avant Garde Ash (WY 4209X) of the table is accompanied by a Textured finish that follows the alternating light and dark pattern of the design.

Lamitak’s latest finish is named Mirage for its slight sheen when viewed from various angles, coupled with a slight texture that lends itself well to contemporary woodgrain designs. It made its debut in the new Lamitak Portfolio Volume Two in the Brissago and Zermatt Esche collections.


black wood cabinet doors with gold handles
The new Mirage finish on the Schwarz Zermatt Esche (WYA 5287MT) laminate used for these doors gives off a slight sheen when the light hits the surface.
Design and photo: Voila



Glossie Finishes

Gloss or shine is synonymous with luxury and a sense of drama, and glossy laminates are used in interiors to create an expensive air. The Glossie finish, naturally, lends itself well to marble-look laminates to resemble polished marble, such as Marble Uassiq and Florentina Marble. However, a handful of wood-look designs also come in a Glossie finish, such as Akemi Ash and Seville Walnut, for that lacquered piano finish.

For those who can’t stand the sight of fingerprint marks, glossy surfaces might not be the right choice for your often touched surfaces as they show fingerprints easily. In addition, if the laminate has been improperly installed or the wrong substrate used which can affect the outcome, glossy laminates might look ‘wavy’ at an angle when light hits the surface. Also, lights should not shine directly on glossy laminates as these highly-reflective surfaces will reflect light as spots of glare.


luxurious apartment with grey dining chairs and black sofa and marble feature wall
A feature wall in glossy Bianco Marble Uassiq (DXO 4316G) laminate brings out the luxurious vibe in this apartment.
Design and photo: Vegas Interior Design

two wine glasses and white ceramic pot on marble surface
Marble-look designs such as the Fiona Marmol Suprema Gloss (DXP 1354G) of this table is perfect paired with a Glossie finish.



Leather Finishes

With Lamitak’s Leather (B) finishes, you can just about enjoy the touch of premium leather anywhere you want. Applied to the Nude Core Leather, Luxe and Nappa Leather designs are different leather finishes, depending on the type of leather the designs are inspired by.

small round brown leather coffee table
Now you can clad furniture pieces in ‘leather’, using Lamitak leather-look laminates such as Cocoa Luxe (DXO 5320B), which not only resembles the luxurious material, but also has the leather grain to match.





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