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Explore the diverse commercial projects in which Lamitak laminates have been used, each with a different functional and design intent!

Lamitak laminates don’t just create stylish homes, they make restaurants, offices, even a food court look good too!

Jun 20, 2020 12:00:00 PM.

dark wardrobe set up with dark marble walls and island
This walk-in wardrobe at SPAC3 sports the marble-inspired Tulio Marmo Carnico (DXP 1359XM) on its walls. The shelf of magazines lie against the stone-inspired Tito Ercolano (DXP 1361K) laminate.

Laminates have great qualities that make them perfect not just for homes, but also for commercial projects. Food and beverage, as well as hospitality environments, see a much higher level of use than domestic spaces, and require robust materials that can stand up to more intense wear and tear. As affordable, easy to clean, and durable surfacing materials, laminates have great functional qualities for these spaces. They can also deliver the designer’s aesthetic vision thanks to the wide range of designs available, substituting for natural materials which might be too expensive to specify, install and maintain. Lamitak laminates have also been awarded several important certifications for their anti-bacterial, fire safety and eco-friendly features, that also create safer and healthier public environments!

Explore the diverse commercial projects in which Lamitak laminates have been used, each with a different functional and design intent!


dark kitchen with glossy grey cabinets
Featured laminate: Cyprian Steel DXP 5346XM (on cabinets)

ST Signatures provides accommodation with a difference for style-savvy travellers, in Chinatown. Discover the laminates used to create the upmarket feel of this co-living space.

This new co-living space makes us want to take a staycation, with luxe designs created with Lamitak laminates

Funan kopitech ban mian stall

For its high energy industrial and hipster vibe, the designer of the Kopitech food court at Funan Mall used a combination of many materials, including several laminate designs. Find out how they all come together!

The new KOPItech at Funan Mall uses Lamitak laminates to bring its trendy concept to life

man in red shirt standing next to funan mall saap saap thai self service collection counter with blue and white tiles
Featured laminates: Fresco Blue SCA 1146D (on wall), Mystic Arwen DXO 4314X (on tables)
Photo: U:Phoria Architecture and Design

This Thai eatery targeted at young customers showcases a fresh colour palette and fun graphics to attract eyeballs. Learn how it was done with laminates.

The fun trendy design of Saap Saap Thai uses laminates to feed the design appetites of its young customers!




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black table and brown couch in front of grey concrete wall
Featured laminate: Tito Ercolano DXP 1361K (on wall)

Visit Lamitak’s Bangkok showroom SPAC3 Studio and get inspired by its welcoming rustic meets industrial look, with lots of laminate application ideas!

We are in love with this SPAC3. You will want its industrial chic style – created with Lamitak laminates!

office reception counter with green and light wood and white marble design
Featured laminates: Marmo Classico DXP 1358XM (counter front), Brushed Bronze MET8999 (edging), and Espalier SCX 1172D (tall cabinets)

Social media agency Good Stuph shows us how fun is brought into the workplace with the playful and irreverent design of its office, which uses Lamitak laminates exclusively!

Work or play? We show you how Lamitak laminates added to the fun creative vibe of the Good Stuph office


small bedroom with blue and yellow rug and white bed
Featured laminate: Nappa Noir DXO 1108B (on study desk)
Photo: Ensemble

This designer loves using laminates in his projects for their easy maintenance, even to create luxurious looks for posh hotel suites. Get his design tips here.

What’s the best way to use laminates? Get the lowdown from design firm Ensemble




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