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Three-d conceptwerke is an interior design firm known for their innovative out-of-the-box design approach to interiors.

If you love the look of these projects, find out how the designer used Lamitak laminates to get the look!

May 3, 2018 10:13:21 AM.

Three-d conceptwerke is an interior design firm known for their innovative out-of-the-box design approach to interiors. Always striving to be one step ahead of the pack, they have used laminates extensively in their projects to help achieve progressive looks for their clients. We showcase their latest projects using Lamitak laminates and quizzed a member of their design team on their modus operandi when it comes to the use of laminates.

singapore hdb small apartment kitchen with blue laminate cabinets and brown bricks
Featured laminate: Cadet Blue SCX 1147D (on kitchen cabinet)

Design and photos: Three-d-conceptwerke


Why do you choose to use laminates in your project?

Laminates are easy to maintain and there are a lot of options to suit everyone's preferences.


Where do you most often apply laminates in your project?

We apply laminates almost anywhere in the home that requires carpentry work. Common applications include wardrobes and cabinets, which are both essential in a home.


What are your favourite laminate designs to use? Why?

I like wood grains and laminates in solid colours. They are timeless and easy to blend into the overall home concept.

small wood desk and chair next to blue laminate cabinets
Featured laminates: Pewter SCA 1136D (on wardrobe),
Cavalli Viola Noce WY 5214D (on study desk)


What's your advice to homeowners on choosing laminate designs?

As designers, we prefer to select laminate designs that are timeless as they do not go out of style easily. A design which might be considered passé in 10 years would not be ideal. A solid colour in a matte finish is a great choice but requires more care and maintenance. On the other hand, laminates with patterns or wood grains are more forgiving in terms of hiding the marks of regular wear and tear.


bedroom with light wood platform bed and blue laminate cabinets
Featured laminates: Riviera Viola Noce WY 5244D (on bedframe),
Frost SCX 1155D (on wardrobe)



Using the example of the project above, can you explain why you chose these laminates for this bedroom?

The client requested for lighter colours for this bedroom. Having a lighter tone, Riviera Viola Noce contrasts nicely with the wood selected for the flooring. Frost carries a greyish-blue tint which matches the warm wood hues in the room, but at the same time balances out the woodiness of the entire space.


All the featured laminates above are from Lamitak. See more than 400 laminate designs, including more than 90 solid colours in dri-matt and glossy finishes at the Lamitak Studio.


See the Lamitak laminates featured in this post at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61, Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below:

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