If you ever wondered how Lamitak comes up with their laminate designs, the answer is here.

Posted by Lamitak on Aug 18, 2018 11:14:45 AM

It is said you can find inspiration everywhere – if you just keep your eyes (and mind) open. For Lamitak, the search for inspiration crosses oceans, forests and skies. Nature might provide the source material, but through the lens of Lamitak, her rich colours and textures are distilled into evocative laminates for the home. How does the magic happen? Find out here.


It starts with a road trip, a long road trip. For Lamitak’s latest catalogue, the team traversed the West coast of the United States exploring states such as Oregon, Nevada, California and Arizona. From the awe-inspiring vivid wave structures of Antelope Canyon to the vast sun-parched plains of Nevada, and the still postcard-like beauty of Yosemite, the influence of each and every location has directly or indirectly influenced the exclusive designs in Lamitak’s repertoire of laminates inspired by natural materials.


Lamitak Inspiring Spaces Design inspiration

If you find this location familiar, that’s because a picture shot in Antelope Canyon is on the cover of the current Lamitak Portfolio.


"We aim to have more personalised and detailed designs for all our laminates, and the only way to get that is to travel and be inspired at the source. Travel magnifies the scope of inspiration. The new places and different cultures we experience are a rich source of material we draw from in the process of creation. For the current collection, the west coast of the US was chosen for its vast eye-opening landscapes, as well as exciting urban streetscapes,” says Jansen Tan, director of product and brand at Lamitak.


CSP_1133 v2

The majestic rugged cliffs of Yosemite.


roadtrip one-138

From trees to doors, nothing escapes the keen eye of the Lamitak team.


Travelling without a fixed itinerary, the intrepid travellers stopped where they found interesting places in which to explore. Aside from photographing surfaces and locations they found intriguing, a physical rubbing is sometimes taken for posterity – this influences the surface texture of the final laminate design. “It’s rare for a laminate design to be traced directly to one photo or place; the final design is usually a distillation of influences from many sources,” explains Jansen.


After spending 30 days in the United States in six states, 220 hours on the road and three helicopter rides, the team sat down to create the laminates you see in the Lamitak Portfolio 2016-2018. Now it’s up to you to use these laminates to create your own Inspiring Spaces.


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