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With the kitchen being increasingly on show in our homes, by way of open-concept living spaces, it makes sense to pay more attention to its aesthetics.

How to bring the look of modern luxury into your kitchen

Mar 27, 2020 4:21:31 PM.

With the kitchen being increasingly on show in our homes, by way of open-concept living spaces, it makes sense to pay more attention to its aesthetics. Kitchens now have to look as good as they perform, and conventions of what they should look like are obsolete. So if you love the upscale modern luxury look of hotels, what’s to stop you from doing your kitchen in the same posh style? As always, you can turn to Lamitak's wide range of laminates for help. Look at the stylish statements they can create in the spaces below!



modern kitchen with brown wood laminate upper cabinets, black marble backsplash and textured black lower cabinets
Featured laminates: Amber York Teak WY 5232D (upper cabinets), Expresso Luxe DXO 5321B (lower cabinets)
Photo & Design: Home Guide Interior

Dark colours were once a no-no for kitchens. Now, few will say no to the sophisticated appeal of this kitchen, which uses a medley of charcoal shades in the Expresso Luxe laminate of the lower cabinets, the marble-look backsplash and the worktop. The Amber York Teak laminate of the upper cabinets adds a dash of warmth and texture with its distinctive grain.


small bar area with white marble laminate backsplash and grey fabric laminate cabinets
Featured laminates: Marmo Classico Gloss DXP 1358G (back panel), Sullivan Faux Denim DXO 4323X (cabinets)
Photo & Design: Home Guide Interior

The simple light grey Sullivan Faux Denim laminate of this bar area is jazzed up with metallic gold strips and a panel of Marmo Classico Gloss marble-look laminate to create a neutral palette with a hint of luxury. This helps show off the colours and designs of the alcohol bottles better.


modern nautical chic kitchen with light wood false ceilings and shelves and white marble counter
Featured laminates: Karl Hoffmann Elm WY 4256X (on ceiling), Brissago Raphael WYA 5290MT (on shelves), Bianco Marble Uassiq DXO 4316G (on counter)

Nautical chic gets a pattern update by using the white-based Bianco Marble Uassiq laminate in combination with navy blue walls, with the shiny brass of the shelving and counter stools for highlights. The light-hued Karl Hoffmann Elm-clad ceiling is a nod to the traditional wood decking seen on boats and ships.


white marble countertop with faux cream leather laminate cabinets
Featured laminates: Marmo Classico DXP 1358XM (shelf and tabletop), Nude Core Leather CC 47101B (base cabinet)

Modern luxury can be quiet too, as shown in this kitchen where the grey-veined pattern of the Marmo Classico laminate stands out in a sea of white. The slightly uneven, textured surface of the Nude Core Leather laminate on the base cabinet helps prevent the monotone space from looking bland.


dark modern luxury kitchen with black marble backsplash and dark wood laminate cabinets
Featured laminate: Anthracite Eames Teak WY 4223X (cabinetry)
Design & Photo: Voila Design

This kitchen conveys a look of simple contemporary luxury using only two materials – black marble for the backsplash and counter, and the dark Anthracite Eames Teak wood-look laminate on the cabinets. The variation of colour tones in the laminate and the white veining of the marble form a medley of pattern and texture that brings rich depth to the flat surfaces.


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