How TAK is bringing business excellence to Lamitak customers with the Singapore Quality Class certification

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Photo source: Enterprise Singapore

From left: Ms Choy Suaw Kook, director-general, Quality & Excellence, Enterprise Singapore and SQA Administrator, Ms Everline Teh, senior manager, supply chain management of TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd, Prof Cham Tao Soon, chairman of the SQA Governing Council


The quest for business excellence never ends, and TAK, the parent company of Lamitak, has just reached a milestone in this area with the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification. Awarded in Dec 2018, the SQC recognises organisations that have attained robust business fundamentals and met standards for good business performance. The SQC is set within the framework of achieving Business Excellence (BE). This BE framework provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence in seven categories – Leadership, Customers, Strategy, People, Processes, Knowledge and Results.

“We applied for this certification as we wanted to review TAK’s management standards and standard operating processes, and benchmark them against the business excellence framework. The system and structure of this BE framework can guide TAK to perform at world class levels in terms of competitiveness, and for overall organisational improvement as well,” says Andrew Tan, the chairman and managing director of TAK.

 Meeting the comprehensive criteria of the BE framework for the SQC was a tedious process that took six and a half months of effort from all levels of staff, from our blue collar workers to the senior leadership team. Although it was a stressful period for our staff, especially those who were selected to be interviewed, all staff maintained a positive mindset and were excited to be part of the journey.

 The SQC serves as a Singapore-approved trust mark to distinguish local enterprises from the competition, helping their entry into challenging markets. The SQC has also helped us understand our strengths and areas for improvement and is also guiding us to achieve higher standards of performance, from both management and department levels, down to individual contributions, says Rebecca Fung, manager for human resources and corporate services at TAK.

As a result, TAK has launched several new initiatives, such as the adoption of the SERVQUAL Model, a method of capturing and measuring the service quality experienced by customers. The five dimensions of service quality, which are Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness, have been incorporated into our customer service feedback forms.

For our staff, we conducted a Behaviour Charter workshop to engage the staff to identify positive behaviours and reject negative behaviors at the workplace. This review has helped increase staff commitment and alignment to the newly identified TAK core values. These core values are the guiding principles that help to define how the company should behave in business, and aid employees in doing what’s right.

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Photo source: TAK Products & Service Pte Ltd

Staff engagement at Behaviour Charter workshop


“The Business Excellence assessment has enabled TAK to align our management standards and processes to an international business excellence framework. The endorsement will enhance the company’s reputation, sustain our competitiveness and help us be future-ready,” shares Andrew Tan, the chairman and managing director of TAK.

 Customers too, can reap the benefits of TAK’s Quality Class certification at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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