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We have gathered some fabulous homes to show you the eye-opening possibilities of using the material, with useful tips from the interior designers of these spaces.

Get all the design tips and inspiration you need on using laminates with these stylish homes!

Jun 13, 2020 2:00:00 PM.

small apartment living room with brown dining table and large tv
Featured laminate: Belva Oak Giovanni WYA 5274E (on walls)
Design and photo: Wee Studio

Step into any home in Singapore, and chances are you will see laminates used in its interiors. This popular renovation material is perfect for surfacing built-in furniture such as kitchen cabinets, living room consoles, bed frames and wardrobes, as well as jazzing up plain wall surfaces, for both function and aesthetics. Laminates are easy to clean, scratch-resistant and durable, plus provide great design versatility, being available in a huge range of designs and colours. Laminates have been so successful at appropriating the look and feel of natural materials such as wood and marble, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference!

We have gathered some fabulous homes to show you the eye-opening possibilities of using the material, with useful tips from the interior designers of these spaces. Get some great design insights with these articles!

huge tv on marble wall in front of black sofa
Featured laminates: Marmo Classico DXP 1358XM (feature wall) and Ermanno Marcello Walnut WY 5218D (console and shelving)
Design and photo: Space Factor


Discover how Space Factor fulfilled a couple’s request for a cosy hotel-style home with a selection of laminate designs that signal modern luxury.

Find out which laminates played a part in creating the upscale look of this apartment

luxury living room with marble tiles and tv on white marble feature wall in front of grey sofa
Featured laminate: Bianco Marmo Adriano DXP 1372XM (in frame)
Photo and design: Aqua White Home

Laminates can be used in other ways as well, besides on walls and furniture. See how Aqua White Home treated them as art pieces in this ultra luxurious apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

This luxurious apartment uses laminates in the most unexpected way! Explore this home with us.

tv on marble wall between brown wood cabinets
Featured laminate: Nalda Nogal Americano WY 1275D (on TV cabinet)
Design and photo: Archive Design

Find out which Lamitak laminates Lucas Yang of Archive Design turn to again and again for guaranteed style.

Design Talk: From Scandi style to modern luxury design themes – laminates are must-haves for Archive Studio to create amazing interiors.

blue kitchen cabinets with Peranakan tile backsplash
Featured laminate: 
Cadet Blue SCX 1147D (on kitchen cabinets)
Design and photo: Three-d-conceptwerke

Interior design firm Three-d conceptwerke made a name for themselves with their unique approach to design. Find out what they have to say about choosing laminate designs.

If you love the look of these projects, find out how the designer used Lamitak laminates to get the look!


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white sofa in front of black and white storage cabinets
Featured Laminates: Lina Florentina Marble DXP 4318G (light laminate on cabinets), Basic Black CES 1108S (on cabinets), Rito Marmo Flavio DXP 1335K (internal shelving)
Design and photo: I’D Sense

Instead of using conventional black and white for a classic colour scheme, design firm I’D Sense chose a contrasting light laminate pattern instead for a softer look. Find out more in this article.

See how laminates helped create a cosy ambience in this home with a high contrast colour scheme

white bed linen in front of grey wood headboard
Featured laminate: Belva Oak Giovanni WYA 5274E (on wall and ceiling)
Design and photo: Wee Studio

Wee Studio used just one Lamitak laminate design and applied it in different ways to create the upscale style of this condominium apartment. Hear the reasons behind this decision.

This home achieves its swish hotel-like interiors thanks to just one laminate design. Find out what it is!

wood chair and grey sofa in front of large dark wood panel doors
Featured laminate: Ermanno Marcello Walnut WY 5218D (sliding door)
Design and photo: Fuse Concept

Go behind the design of this sophisticated apartment to find out which laminates were used and how, by its designer from Fuse Concept.

Design Talk – Find out how this interior designer used Lamitak laminates to create the sophisticated, yet cosy interiors of this home

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We can’t deny the impact of a dramatic home makeover – it makes us want to revamp our space too! Get inspiration from these homes that were part of Mediacorp Channel 8’s home makeover show House Everything (家简尘除) last year. TAK, the parent company of Lamitak, was a proud sponsor of the laminates used in the following transformations. Learn more about the process from the designers, and the laminates that are part of the stunning new spaces.

marble dining table with pink chairs in large white living room
Featured laminates: Designer White SCA 5101D (top and bottom of tall cabinets, and cabinets below window), Freya Laurentian Maple WY 5292D (middle of tall cabinets), Ethan Blue SCA 5115D (right of tall cabinets)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

Getting rid of the clutter in this living room and customising the space to the family’s lifestyle created a safer and more cheerful space for all three generations.

Makeover Magic – This bright and clutter-free home is exactly what this three-generational family needed!

living room with marble coffee table and dark grey storage cabinets
Featured laminates: Luna Tivoli Elm WY 1269D (console and study table), Faux Denim DXO 4310X (grey cabinets)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

From one big messy space, the designer created functional zones in the living room and gave it a light Scandinavian-industrial look to suit the father and daughter who live here.

Makeover Magic – Tailor-made for two, this living room is everything this father and daughter wanted

grey kitchen cabinets with two wood stools
Featured laminates: Dove SCA 1137D (cabinets in foreground), Sbiadito Rovere Rapallo WYA 5295E (cabinets in background), Brunswick SCX 1163D (lower cabinet in background)
Design: Starry Homestead

There is now space in the kitchen for family interaction, as well as to indulge the mother’s love for cooking and sewing, after the designer completely restructured and reorganised it.

Makeover Magic – Used by an avid cook, this kitchen was overflowing with clutter; it was time to redesign the space

brown couch and grey rug with glass coffee table
Featured laminates: Vanilla SCA 1125D (seating bench), Brunswick SCX 1163D (edge of seating bench)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

The makeover of this living room not only gave it ample space for lots of shoes, it updated the dated interiors and made sense of the awkwardly-shaped space too.

Makeover Magic – Too many shoes and not enough storage made a huge mess in this living room. See the transformed space here

laptop on grey desk with brown leather chair
Featured laminates: Erden Feltro DXO 5354D (desk and side shelving), Valda Tivoli Elm WY 1271D (partition and door), Dario Ramblas DXP 1329C (overhead cabinets)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead 

How do you fit a bed, study desk, storage and fitness area all in one narrow space of a room and make it look good? Find out in this article.

Makeover Magic – See how the unruly mess in this bachelor’s bedroom was tamed with smart space planning and design

living room with white cabinets and grey couch
Featured laminates: Chalk PCA 1144S (white cabinets), Nori Itadori Elm WYA 4249K (partition and ceiling trim), Caviar PCA5107S (TV console)
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

So full of clutter there was hardly any space to walk or have family interaction, this living room was rescued with lots of storage cabinets for kiddy clutter and a clean new look.

Makeover Magic – This living room became fit for family again with a design that created more space for quality time together



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