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To create new woodgrain designs for their catalogue, Portfolio Volume Two, the Lamitak team travelled to locations across Europe, recording patterns, textures and colours

Explore Lamitak’s latest wood inspired laminates and the amazing locations that inspired them

May 25, 2019 5:19:00 PM.

To create new woodgrain designs for their catalogue, Portfolio Volume Two, the Lamitak team travelled to locations across Europe, recording patterns, textures and colours. The result – assertive woodgrains which display an appealing naturalism. The laminates’ moody, muted colourways also help users buy into the trend for luxe hotel-like interiors and help ease the acceptance of the more distinctive designs. We take you through Lamitak’s new woodgrain designs and their inspirations. 



Hoffmann ElmHoffman Elm collageFeatured laminates: Matt Hoffmann Elm WY 4255X (on wall), Brett Hoffmann Elm WY 4263X (swatch) 

The expressive woodgrains of Hoffman Elm, with its crowns and cathedrals, are tempered with soft muted tones that lend a sophisticated vibe to your interiors. Boasting six colourways, this versatile collection is naturally best viewed in large format. The name Hoffman is derived from the German and Jewish status name for a steward on a farm, commonly used in central and eastern Europe.



BrissagoBrissago collage
Featured laminates: Brissago Kandel WYA 5291MT (on table), Brissago Raphael WYA 5290MT (swatch) 

A family of laminates which sport soft multi-tonal woodgrains, Brissago features a tint of grey that adds another dimension to the usual wood hues. The pronounced linearity of the design makes it perfect for using on long structures such as consoles, and on feature walls. A new soft-textured finish complements it. The Brissago islands are part of Switzerland, and boasts a balmy subtropical climate that has allowed nature to flourish.



Zermatt EscheZermatt Esche collageFeatured laminates: Dunkel Zermatt Esche WYA 5286MT (on wall), Braun Zermatt Esche WYA 5284MT (swatch) 

The name of this laminate family is taken from the famous ski village of Zermatt, which lies at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn in Switzerland. Meant to create and evoke the environment of a cosy log cabin in winter, the Zermatt Esche laminates have linear thin crowns with straight grains that brings forth a naturalistic feel, coupled with the new soft textured finish.



Knarvick BirchKnarvick Birch collageFeatured laminates: Steniar Knarvick Birch WY 5280D (on wall), Soren Knarvick Birch WY 5282D (swatch)

The character of the Knarvick Birch family of laminates lies in its fine woodgrains, which can also be said to reflect the calm, uncluttered style of Scandinavian design. The name was inspired by the stunning modernist Knarvick church in Norway. The four distinct colour tones gives distinct characters to the even woodgrain. This is done through touch as well–the three lighter colourways has a dri-matt finish, while the darkest hue has a suede finish.




Rovere RapalloRovere Rapallo collageFeatured laminates: Marrone Rovere Rapallo WYA 5296E (lower cabinets), Sbiadito Rovere Rapallo WYA 5295E (swatch) 

The semblance of raw untreated wood is evident in Rovere Rapallo, a family of just two laminates with colours and textures that takes its cue from coarse-grain oak. This is wood that is used for the wooden houses in the city of Bergamo, Italy. The laminate design offers the look of thin planks, with a textured finish that has the feel of straw.



Laurentian MapleLaurentian maple collageFeatured laminates: Maya Laurentian Maple WY 5293D (on table), Leah Laurentian Maple WY 5294D (swatch) 

The three blonde laminates of the Laurentian Maple laminate family, which gets its name from the Laurentian Mountain range in Quebec Canada, is perhaps best suited for creating contemplative Scandinavian or Japanese interiors. The soft, light maple grain is subtle enough just to add the right amount of texture.


See all of Lamitak’s new woodgrain laminates at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below

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