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Get your introduction to Lamitak Portfolio Volume Two here, touching on the latest woodgrains, patterns and solid colours to join Lamitak’s more than 400 existing laminate designs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the laminates in Lamitak Portfolio Volume Two –  inspiration, designs, applications!

Jun 27, 2020 12:00:00 PM.

lamitak portfolio volume two 2019

The search for inspiration doesn’t stop when a new Lamitak catalogue is launched. The process of creating fresh and emotive laminate designs is a long one and it often starts with the team on the road, capturing surfaces that speak to them. The current Lamitak Portfolio Two launched in 2019 amplified the importance of exploration as the key to Lamitak’s design process with a breathtaking image of the Swiss Alps on the cover. The Knarvick Church in Norway, the subtropical Brissago islands in Switzerland, and wooden houses in the city of Bergamo, Italy are some locations that have inspired new laminate designs in Portfolio Volume Two. In line with the new catalogue, we have also put together four design themes, using some of our new laminates designs to help you envision how to use them in your interiors. As we work hard on the next catalogue, get all you need to know about the new laminate collections with the articles below.

Get your introduction to Lamitak Portfolio Volume Two here, which touches on the latest woodgrains, patterns and solid colours to join Lamitak’s more than 400 existing laminate designs.

New catalogue, new laminates, new inspiration. Explore the creative possibilities of Lamitak’s latest designs

white and wood chair and rattan stool in front of light wood slat wall
Featured laminate: Steniar Knarvick Birch WY 5280D (on the wall)

The clean Scandinavian look is still the decor theme of choice for many homeowners. Get ideas for how you can use Lamitak’s new wood-look laminates to switch up the nordic style.

Level up the Scandinavian look with Lamitak’s new wood-inspired laminates

industrial kitchen with dark moss green cabinets and brown wood backsplash

Featured laminate: Dunkel Zermatt Esche WYA 5286MT (on the wall)

Ever wondered how the design of wood-look laminates come about? At Lamitak, the origins of the designs often lie in actual timber surfaces found all over the world! Find out more about the new wood-look collections with this article.

Explore Lamitak’s latest wood inspired laminates and the amazing locations that inspired them

white lounge chair in front of wood cabinet and stone wall
Featured laminates: Pietra Alfio DXP 1374XM (on wall), Craig Hoffmann Elm WY 4264X (on cabinets)

You don’t need the most expensive materials to create luxurious interiors. We show you how to create a refined upscale look with Lamitak’s new laminates.

Low key luxury is high on sophistication – get the look with Lamitak’s laminates




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wood and gold display case between black marble walls in lounge area with two brown chairs
Featured laminate:
Nero Marmo Adriano DXP 5343XM (on both sides of the cabinet)

Laminates can bring the look of the most exotic and prestigious marble and stone into your home, making the decorative impact of these natural materials available to everyone. See what’s available now.

You’ve never seen marble-inspired laminates like these ones before


brown leather couch and copper lamp in living room with concrete wall
Featured laminate: Mateo L’Ametlla DXP 1366K (on wall)

Get a grip on the new way to give your spaces an industrial edge (without making it look unfinished) with our new metal- and concrete-look laminates.

The industrial look has evolved. Embrace its new refinement with Lamitak’s latest laminates.


large bed  with green linen  and blue headboard
Featured laminates:
Altan Feltro DXO 5356D (on bedhead) and Sigmund Knarvick Birch WY 5283S (bedside drawers)


You’ll be surprised at how you can use these seemingly utilitarian laminate designs inspired by steel, concrete and felt to create interiors that are elegant and cosy. Get your inspiration here.

These are the new Lamitak laminate patterns you need to know about to create your dream home


brown wood and orange cabinet in front of blue and light wood patterned wall

Featured laminates: Brissago Raphael WYA 5290MT (on wall), and Pompeii SCA 1176D (on wall)

For those who love fun, playful styles and retro looks, adding colour with laminates are a great way to bring a happy and bright personality to your space.

Hit the colour wheel and use Lamitak laminates to create a retro wonderland in your home




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