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We speak to Lucas Yang of Archive Design to find out why laminates are such an important part of an interior designer’s arsenal of materials.

Design Talk: From Scandi style to modern luxury design themes – laminates are must-haves for Archive Studio to create amazing interiors.

Oct 30, 2018 10:03:42 AM.

With more than 400 laminate designs in their current catalogue to choose from, Lamitak has got every look covered. Whether you’re hankering for a light and airy Scandinavian feel or a dark atmospheric vibe, there’s a laminate to help you achieve your dream home. Interior designers know this only too well, and laminates are an important component of their design arsenal. Lucas Yang of Archive Design uses laminates, in particular, Lamitak laminates, in all his projects, to help bring his designs to reality. “Laminates provide a nice smooth and even finish, and I use them to create different design concepts,” says Lucas. His two-year-old firm has amassed a pretty impressive portfolio of works so far, and we spoke to Lucas to find out how he does what he does best with laminates.

singapore hdb small luxury living room with tv and brown wood laminate walls
The dark-hued Nalda Nogal Americano laminate, inset with real brass strips in this living room, give this space an air of sophistication.



Fabric-look laminates for a look of modern luxury

“I keep going back to the same laminates to achieve a certain look because I know they work,” explains Lucas. He singles out fabric-inspired laminates such as Lamitak’s Stoffa and Pashley series for the bedroom, as they impart a cosy yet classy feel. The warm coppery tone of Lamitak’s Brushed Bronze laminate is another favourite used to accent dark wood surfaces with a touch of subtle shine.

small wood cabinet with marble top and brown wood shelves
Details make the difference. A strip of Brushed Bronze laminate on the vertical edge of this cabinet is an unexpected highlight.

fabric-inspired laminates on drawers
Lucas used the menswear fabric-inspired Stoffa Nero laminate for these wardrobe drawer units to effect the feel of tailored suits.



His go-to laminate for a bright and rustic Scandinavian vibe

“The Scandinavian look is still very popular among homeowners, but now I pair wood with solid colours for a different take on the look, so it doesn’t become predictable,” shares Lucas. His go-to laminate to conjure up the Scandi style is Lamitak’s Tanned Rosenheim Maple. “I use this laminate often because it has one of the most balanced colours and woodgrains in the Lamitak wood collection,” he explains. He adds that it is also a hit with homeowners, and the toasty hue makes it easy for them to pair with furniture and decor items.

 singapore hdb small bedroom with brown and blue laminate wood cupboard
Lucas added an etched pattern of slanted lines to the pairing of Lamitak’s Tanned Rosenheim Maple with their baby blue Belize laminate, to give the cabinet in this bedroom a more unique character.



His trend prediction: go blue

While Scandi-style interiors still appeal, the industrial look seems to have lost some shine. “I’m a big fan of Lamitak’s Nautical laminate, and I’ve used it in a couple of projects for kitchen cabinets,” reveals Lucas, referring to the navy blue solid colour laminate with an undertone of grey. Clients have also warmed to cool blues and more are requesting darker blues for their homes. “I will balance out the deep colour of Nautical with a warm wood such as the Canele York Teak laminate,” adds Lucas.

singapore hdb small modern kitchen with dark blue laminate and brown woodgrain cupboard
More homeowners are requesting deep colours for their home, such as Lamitak’s Nautical, as seen in this kitchen. The wood-inspired laminate is Canale York Teak.

All photos from Archive Design.


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