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In an already small apartment, bedrooms can get really tiny. Get some great ideas for maximising the footprint of your bedroom and make your space work harder for you!

Clever ways to squeeze more space into your tiny bedroom

Nov 14, 2018 11:59:48 AM.

Apartment sizes in Singapore are shrinking, especially those in newly built condominiums. These shoebox-sized living spaces might have one-, two, or even three-bedrooms, but it’s often the case that apart from the bed, you’re not going to be able to fit much else in one room. The solution lies in customising the furniture you need to maximise every inch of your (expensive) space. Often the ideas involve building up instead of sideways to fit everything you want – you might even be able to carve out extra storage space! Try out these ideas below, which not just work well, but look great too.





Small spaces don’t have to be low on style. Similar to how hotel rooms look good and function like self-contained apartments, this bedroom at The Interlace has been designed by Wee Studio to accommodate a spacious sleeping area, and a good-sized study desk cum dressing table as well. Part of its appeal is the use of the dark and even-grained Belva Oak Giovanni laminate throughout the space, with concealed lighting to lighten the look.



Constructing a platform is a great way to bump up the storage space in a room without eating up extra space. The platform of this bedroom designed by Elpis Interior is able to accommodate shallow storage spaces as a secret hiding spot for valuables! Shelves have also been built into the slim bedhead to display treasured mementoes, while small niches at the side of the headboard replace the conventional bedside table. The use of the Lalo Ramblas laminate creates a seamless flow of space from headboard to platform.



The trick to putting more in a small space is to build up! Making use of the high ceiling in this bedroom, designers from Authors Interior & Styling stacked the sleeping area atop tall pull-out cabinets which offer a huge amount of storage. The arresting wall feature made with the contrasting hues of the Ibiza Nogal and Brazilian Teak Ramos laminates is designed with concealed lighting which acts as a handy night light.



The customised desk of this bedroom stretches from wall to wall, and does away with legs to save even more space. Designers from Elpis Interior also designed various types of ceiling-hung shelving and display units, from open shelves to closed cabinets and lighted units, for its occupant. The neutral colour scheme from the Iron, Designer White and Canale York Teak laminates is pleasantly harmonious.

All photos courtesy of their respective interior design firms.


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