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With decorative high pressure laminates, you can achieve decor concepts you never thought possible in your home by channelling the beauty of a rich array of natural materials such as marble, stone, metal, fabric and wood!

Can laminates be used in the bathroom? Here’s the answer to this frequently asked question!

May 14, 2020 11:30:00 AM.

With decorative high pressure laminates, you can achieve decor concepts you never thought possible in your home by channelling the beauty of a rich array of natural materials such as marble, stone, metal, fabric and wood! One of the most frequently asked questions we get from homeowners is whether laminates can be used in bathrooms. There is no direct answer to this question, but understanding what a laminate is made of will help you decide where the material can, and cannot be used.

huge house bathroom with two white sinks and light wood cabinet 
Applying the Collins Marcello Walnut (WY 5240D) laminate with its grain running horizontally along the cabinetry of this countertop helps visually elongate the space.
Design and photo: Home Guide Interior

Laminates are made by compressing several layers of materials using high pressure (hence the industry term high pressure laminates or HPL). Over the decor paper on which the design is printed, there is an overlay impregnated in melamine resin to make the surface water resistant. The lower layers of the laminate are kraft paper impregnated with Phenol resin. There is no problem with using laminates in the dry areas of the home, such as living rooms and bedrooms, but not in areas which are constantly wet, as water can seep in through the edges and joints and cause the laminate to debond with the substrate.

In the context of bathrooms, laminates can be applied in dry areas and are commonly used for vertical surfaces that rarely come into contact with water such as cabinetry and shelving, but not in constantly wet areas such as in the shower enclosure. We also recommend sealing panel edges with our proprietary Newedge edgeband, which will further protect the substrate from moisture and water. Now that you know where laminates can be applied in the bathroom, explore the design possibilities with these stylish spaces!

small modern apartment bathroom with blue curved doorway and black and white sink
This arched doorway edged in Oceanic (SCA 1143D) frames the focus of the bathroom – its vanity counter with cabinetry clad in Basic Black (CES 1108S) laminate to anchor the monochrome space.
Design and photo: Adroit Interior Design

small minimalistic white bathroom with white sink and white marble cabinets
The Lina Florentina Marble (DXP 4318G) laminate on the cabinet doors brings the luxury of marble surfaces to this sunlit bathroom.
Design and photo: The Local Innterior

small luxury apartment bathroom sink area with grey fabric-inspired laminate cabinet
A medley of designs such as exotic marble grains, the Anthracite Eames Teak (WY4223X) laminate of the overhead shelving and fabric-inspired Stoffa Moca (DXO 5339D) laminate of the lower cabinetry create a look of discerning luxury in this bathroom.
Design and photo: Voila

small apartment bathroom with two sinks in white and wood theme
The various laminate surfaces in this bathroom, such as the Tadao Concrete (DXN 5323X) of the cabinetry and Hermes Marcello Walnut (WY 5217D) of the shelving are away from direct contact with water.
Design and photo: Space Factor

small apartment laundry room and bathroom with white textured cabinets
The rough-textured stone-inspired Rima Ramshackle (DXN5335X) laminate, used below the washbasin of this bathroom, and outside in the laundry area, adds a rustic flavour to the space.
Design and photo: Prozfile Design




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