Behind the design- We reveal the city which inspired the industrial vibe of Lamitak's Alma Patina laminate

Posted by Lamitak on Oct 1, 2018 1:57:14 PM

Anything can be an inspiration for design, even a rusted wall cladding. The basis for Lamitak’s evocative Patina range of laminates lies in downtown Portland, a pitstop on the Lamitak team’s epic road trip along the West coast of the United States.


CSP_6663The Lamitak team in Portland, capturing the inspiration behind the Patina family of laminates.


The rusted zinc sheeting was shot through with burnt orange, streaking its way down the undulating valleys and peaks of the metal sheet, which act as funnels for rainwater. The streaks trace the path of sun and water, where chemistry has worked its magic and ‘painted’ its surface a symphony of autumnal hues. This was the appeal for the Lamitak team who were on the hunt for inspiration. What can top the artistry of nature?


CSP_6665This metal cladding was ‘painted’ by the reaction between water, metal and air, causing the oxidisation of the surface.


 “It was in an industrial area in Portland, where the saturated hues of some metal sheeting caught my eye,” recalls Jansen Tan, director of product and brand at Lamitak. The surface was captured on camera and the photographs provided the reference to create the Patina family. This trio of laminates replicates with remarkable detail, the vertical streaks of the cladding with its myriad of different tones, in a warm-, cool- and dark colour tone.


h&d120416lamitak53497Featured laminate: Alma Patina DXN 4331M (on wall panels), Tito Ercolano DXP 1361K
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor Ó 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd


The two-dimensional surface appears three-dimensional, thanks to the tonal variations as well as the metallic highlights within the pattern. It’s not a design for the timid decorator, but one that speaks of a confident and bold style.


HND08041646734Featured laminate: Copper Patina DXN 4326M
Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor Ó 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd


Use the Patina laminates to evoke their industrial origins or to add texture and colour to a contemporary space. It’s surprising how versatile this standout design is.


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