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Stories by lamitak

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7 Stylish ideas for living room storage cabinets

Jun 14, 2018 1:15:22 PM.

The first impression visitors get of your home rests very much on the design of your living room. This is where you set the style of your space, created by the combination of built-in pieces such as storage cabinets, loose furnishings, fixtures such as lights, and display items. The biggest and bulkiest structure in a living area is probably your storage unit (we all need them!). So design your cabinets to enhance your overall decor scheme – here are seven great ideas to get you started!

Lamitak blog june week 3 - 1

Featured laminates: Sicilian Peppercorn Ash WY 4247X
Design and photo: Project File

Designed to look like a stack of boxes, this floor-to-ceiling cabinet sports two contrasting shades of wood-design laminates to enhance its design. The Panelo Rialto Pine laminate in a muted colour is used for the closed sections, while a warmer wood tone is used for open shelving which looks like boxes inserted into the structure.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 2

Featured laminate: Corona Maple WYA 5262E
Design and photo: Urban Habitat

The design of the Corona Maple laminate, which resembles raw timber strips, disguises the  cabinet door edges of this storage unit. This creates the look of a seamless feature wall. Illumination from the spotlights on top, concealed lighting within the long open display niche, and uplighting at the bottom soften the ruggedness of the pattern.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 3

Featured laminate: Ando Concrete DXN 5324X
Design and photo: Starry Homestead

A full wall of cabinetry was built in this home to maximise storage for the homeowners. Approximating the look of concrete to go with its industrial theme is the Ando Concrete laminate used. Illuminated display areas added at the top of the cabinets lighten the look and creates key focal points.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 4

Featured laminate: Nicolo Rialto Pine WYA 5277E
Design and photo: Dan’s Workshop

The designer of this home imagined the living room cabinets as a series of shipping crates. He used the same Nicolo Rialto Pine laminate in various creative ways to distinguish the design of each ‘crate’.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 5

Featured laminate: Lalo Ramblas DXP 1331C
Design and photo: Thom Signature Design

Simplicity is the key for this living room. Its storage cabinets are a simple two column affair with set-in glass display cabinets for the homeowner’s toy collection.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 6

Featured laminate: Collins Marcello Walnut WY 5240D
Design and photo: Eightytwo

The staggered formation of these long wooden boxes puts a twist on the conventional rectangular shoe cabinet. Using the grain of the Collins Marcello Walnut horizontally shows off its distinctive pattern while visually elongating the cabinets.


Lamitak blog june week 3 - 7

Featured laminate: Carla Noce Portofino WY 1265D
Design and photo: The Association

Another cabinet inspired by the idea of building blocks, this structure alternates glass and wooden boxes to create its design. Mixing up the direction of the wood grain on the laminate adds another decorative dimension to the piece. 


Explore more laminates at the Lamitak Studio to whet your appetite for design! Visit the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61 Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and; or drop by during the opening hours below:
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