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Laminates that look like wood can be used in so many creative and inspiring ways in your kitchen. 

7 inspiring kitchens that use wood-look laminates perfectly

Sep 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM.

Laminates that look like wood can be used in so many creative and inspiring ways in your kitchen. Even classic wood-and-white combinations can take on new creative dimensions. We singled out these 7 stylish kitchens to prove our point.

White-and-wood with peranakan flaIR

whole view modern city kitchen tidy laminate cabinet with mosaic tile floor
Design and photo: Yonder Interior

Wood and white is a classic pairing that looks good in all spaces. In this kitchen by design firm Yonder, the alternating light-and-dark wood grain of the laminate is placed horizontally so they seem to flow across the cabinets, visually stretching the space. The same laminate also clads the surfaces of the island countertop. The white laminates on the adjacent cabinets balance the look while a ‘rug’ of Peranakan-style tiles adds a dash of spicy colour to the space.


small dry kitchen wood laminate cabinet suitable for light cooking brick wall interior design
Design and photo: Revamp Interiors

It’s easy to add texture to your modern farmhouse kitchen with wood-look laminates that replicate the beauty of raw rustic wood planks. The designer of this kitchen by Revamp balances out the highly-patterned cabinet surfaces with glossy white subway tiles, and flooring and walls in neutral grey.

Calming and neutral-toneD

long deep side narrow kitchen simple warm calming plain design tile cook place
Design and photo: Thom Signature Designs

A neutral colour scheme is always a favourite for kitchens, with light-coloured surfaces that easily show dirt so you can spot and clean the affected areas efficiently. In this kitchen by Thom Signature Design, cream-toned countertops are paired with laminates that bring to mind European beech or pine, with textures that are even and refined. The light colour scheme also makes this narrow galley-style kitchen seem wider.

Warm and cheery cookspace

double story base cook place wood laminate tidy cabinet
Design and photo: Meter Square

The colour red is said to whet appetites, and here the hue is injected by way of the reddish wood-tones on the kitchen cabinets of this Serangoon North HDB flat, designed by Meter Square. Placing the woodgrain so they flow downwards creates a streamlined look for the cabinets that cosy up the otherwise stark space with its concrete floor tiles and white tiled island counter.

Urban industrial-influenced

urban industrial influenced kitchen cook place idea deisgn
Design and photo: Thom Signature Design

Demonstrating the versatility of the white, wood, and black combination is this kitchen by Thom Signature Design, which perhaps takes its inspiration from the look of hip New York lofts. The large-format rugged wood grain pattern on its cabinets has an honest organic feel that is given an industrial edge by the white subway tiles with black grouting. The black countertop ties this urban look together.

Minimalist white-and-wood

minimalist simple plain white cabinet wood laminate tidy arrangement
Design and photo: The Association

Save for the pronounced wood grains of the laminate cladding the top and sides of the lower cabinets, as well as on the tall cabinets opposite them, this kitchen by The Association features otherwise plain and completely flat surfaces without ornamentation. The patterned wood grain provides just the right amount of texture in this clean, cool and uncluttered space.

Moody and sophisticated

moody sophisticated kitchen dark tone wood laminate tidy cabinet
Design and photo: Chapter One Interior Design

Laminate that resembles wood that has been smoked or deliberately flamed clads the kitchen cabinets in this HDB flat in Punggol designed by Chapter One, lending it an air of moody sophistication. Besides the dark hue, its classy appeal also lies in the complex wood grains, which look like brushstrokes of bluish-grey and sooty brown.

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