6 Ways to Rock the Industrial Look in Your Home with Laminates

Posted by Lamitak on Nov 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

An industrial-inspired style might sound cool for the home, but there’s always the worry of it creating a cold and unwelcoming ambience (think prison cells) or looking too literal and derivative. From living areas to bedrooms, we uncover six spaces which embrace industrial influences to create welcoming as well as inspiring environments.


Photo and design: Free Space Intent
Featured laminate on doors: Goyo Ramblas DXP 1332C
Featured laminate on table and TV console: Corona Maple WYA 5262E

This bedroom is awash in raw weathered ‘surfaces’, all created with Lamitak laminates. The industrial influences come in the form of the oxidised patina on the wardrobe doors as well as exposed electrical tracks, deliberately highlighted by their colour contrast with the white walls. Even the ‘wood’ surfaces look unfinished, adding to the rugged vibe.


Photo and design: Posh Home
Featured laminate on wall: Ando Concrete DXN 5324X

There is no worry about a large ‘concrete’ wall like this looking too cold, especially when you’re pairing them with stainless steel elements (as seen in the picture), when you have warm lighting to cosy things up. Whatever you do, don’t use white fluorescent lighting to illuminate a space which features predominantly concrete or white surfaces (unless you want that sterile hospital or prison cell look).


Photo and design: Fuse Concept
Featured laminate on wall: Tadao Concrete DXN 5323X

Add an extra dose of realism to your industrial concrete wall by cutting and installing laminate sheets to resemble cast concrete panels, just like in the bedroom above. The designer even added ‘holes’ at the edges, which are a common feature in real precast concrete slabs.


Photo and design: Dan’s Workshop
Featured laminate on cabinets: Nicolo Rialto Pine WYA 5277E

The designer of this home was inspired by wooden shipping crates for the design of the living room cabinets, down to replicating the care stickers commonly seen on them. But he went further to have fun with the design – by varying the direction of the wood grain on the laminates, and creating relief and dimension with timber strips, to mix up the look.


Photo and design: Starry Homestead
Featured laminate on wall: Ando Concrete DXN 5324X

This dining area features all the elements expected in an industrial-style space, from the factory-style lighting fixtures to the furniture. One difference through – the designer has built illuminated display niches into the wall of cabinets to break up what might have been a monotonous solid surface. The black vertical and horizontal lines on the surface of the cabinet contribute an additional design motif.


Photo and design: Dan’s Workshop
Featured laminate on bedhead and window seat: Tobi Milnerton WYA 5276E

Offering a unique texture influenced by rusted metal- and bleached wood surfaces, the Tobi Milnerton laminate featured in this bedroom is all the space needs to make a statement. The rest of the room is kept simple, to balance out the use of such a bold surface pattern.

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