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Your bedroom is very likely the last thing you see before you close your eyes and drift off to dreamland every night. So besides the functional need for it to be a quiet space conducive to rest and relaxation, you should also love the way it looks!

12 design ideas using laminates to create bedroom bliss!

Mar 20, 2020 4:30:00 PM.

Your bedroom is very likely the last thing you see before you close your eyes and drift off to dreamland every night. So besides the functional need for it to be a quiet space conducive to rest and relaxation, you should also love the way it looks! Laminates, available in a wide range of patterns, from wood-, to stone-, to fabric-inspired designs, are the perfect materials for creating your desired sleep haven. Here are 12 ideas using laminates to create your dream bedroom.


  1. #1 New Classic

    lamitak artak mokki noir on bachelor bedroom wall

Put a twist on the classic checkerboard with the artäk Mökki Noir (ART 1007D) laminate. What looks like black and white checks are actually graphic patterns that will give your space a quirky vibe.


  1. #2 Patterned Play lamitak artak miscela mono

The artäk Miscela Mono (ART 1006XM) laminate, with its trendy confetti-like design resembling terrazzo, adds dimension and pattern to a wall without overwhelming the space. Etching straight lines on the laminate brings structure to the feature wall of this bedroom.


  1. #3 Sophisticated Den

    dark small bedroom with lamitak diego oak brunello and santino lametlla laminates on the headboard

Creating bookmatched wood grains by cutting up the Diego Oak Brunello (WY 5251D) laminate (pictured top right) so the grain is slanted gives this bedroom a look of refinement and exclusivity. The dark Santino L'ametlla (DXP 1368K) laminate (pictured bottom right) in the background enhances the moody ambience.


  1. #4 Dark Cave

    small cozy luxurious bedroom with lamitak altan feltro and mystiq arwen laminates on wall

Dark hues are natural choices for creating cosy sleep-inducing spaces, but deep colours have a tendency to fall flat. Not with the Altan Feltro (DXO 5356D) laminate (pictured bottom left) used on the headboard of this bedroom. The fuzzy dark grey wool-like pattern of the laminate creates dimension on a flat surface together with the Mystiq Arwen (DXO 4314X) laminate (pictured top left) above it.


  1. #5 Veined Beauty

    lamitak bookmatched marble laminates lunigiana uno and due in small hotel bedroom

Marble is synonymous with luxury, and more so expensive bookmatched marble. Get the look without the attendant cost with the Lunigiana Due (ART 1010XM) and Uno (ART 1009XM) marble-look laminates. As mirror images of each other, the laminates make a stunning feature wall behind this bed.


  1. #6 Perfect Imperfection


A play of contrasts in this bedroom between the gritty weathered Humboldt Street (ART 11013D) metal-look laminate above the bed and the polished looks of the bedroom furniture, gives the space a fresh visual appeal.


  1. #7 Industrial Age

    small concrete industrial bedroom with lamitak tadao concrete laminate on wall

Photo & Design: Fuse Concept



It’s hard to tell that the Tadao Concrete (DXN 5323X) laminate isn’t actual concrete in this bedroom, especially with the wall design inspired by off form concrete. Not only does the laminate add visual texture to the wall, making the bedroom look bigger, it is easy to clean as well, without the propensity to crack or stain.


  1. #8 Rock Solid

    small dark bedroom with lamitak enzo ercolano as headboard

Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd


With a solid ‘rock’ wall in your bedroom, you don’t need a headboard. The stone-look Enzo Ercolano (DXP 1363K) laminate sports a subtle texture that provides the reassuring look of natural stone rendered with modern style.


  1. #9 Cosy Cocoon

    small apartment bedroom with headboard and false ceiling clad in lamitak belva oak giovanni

Photo & Design: Wee Studio


The Belva Oak Giovanni (WYA 5274E) wood-look laminate of this bedroom extends up the walls and onto the ceiling to create an enveloping effect which conjures a more intimate space. Adding etched lines to the surface help visually stretch the space.


  1. #10 Structured Style

    small industrial style bedroom with bed platform and cabinets in lamitak dario ramblas laminate

Photo & Design: Space Factor


Built-in furniture was the way to go for this bedroom, to fit everything into a tight space. The designer provided plenty of storage within the cabinets and platform, dressing up the bulky structure in stone-inspired Dario Ramblas (DXP 1329C) laminate, with mood lighting to make the room look cosier. Black strips along the edges act as both a design and safety feature.


  1. #11 New Industrial

    small industrial style hdb bedroom with lamitak concrete and fabric inspired laminates

Photo & Design: Starry Homestead


The industrial aesthetics of this bachelor’s bedroom is expressed through the grey utilitarian Dario Ramblas (DXP 1329C) laminate (pictured top right) of the ledge, and the Erden Feltro (DXO 5354D) laminate (pictured bottom right) of the shelving, which acts as a headboard. The army green hue on the walls prevents the room from feeling too ‘cold’ due to the grey hues used.


  1. #12 Collage Chic

    small bedroom platform storage idea and mixed wood collage headboard design

Photo & Design: One Design Werkz

The use of both a light and dark wood-look laminate, Ibiza Nogal (WY 1244D) and Febe Noce Portofino (WY 1267D) respectively for this customised bed gives it a more decorative look. Hidden lighting strips accentuate the design of the laminate collage and also perform as a night light.

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